Jun 25 2015

More Boats

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Coincidentally, from the same place as my last set, but almost a month apart. These from the point and shoot. The set is POSTED HERE.

Jun 16 2015

Trouble with a capital “T”

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And that rhymes with “P” and that stands for pool!

A set of Mary and Delmer’s grandkids who were playing pool and having fun. Love the midwest. Kids playing pool at the bar while the parents party. Seriously. Love it. The set is POSTED HERE.

Jun 14 2014

Mt Baker Station

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Met Rita after work Friday near the girl’s old stomping grounds. A small set is POSTED HERE.

May 15 2013

Parking Lot – Lens Weirdness

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Just three shots today taken in the parking lot South of where I work and where there is a new building going up. Used the 1936 28mm Leitz Hektor f/6.3 and in most of the shots, one in particular, you can see how it is sharp in the center, then there is a ring of defocus and then, out beyond that toward the edges, extreme sharpness again. Anyone with a serious idea of an explanation, please let me know. What makes it really weird is it doesn’t always do it. Seems most common when focused at or near infinity, but even that is not 100% true. POSTED HERE.

May 12 2013

Canon Serenar 85mm f/2, Circa 1948

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For my family, there will be a set of shots from this weekend in Portland by tomorrow night. For any photo phreaks out there, this is a small set, and it is in response to the discussion going on on the Monochorm (Leica’s spelling) User’s Group on Facebook right now. There are color shots in here, as some comments have noted (as have I in the past) that the color rendering on older glass is unique and compares more than favorably to modern glass in this respect.

I only ended up getting a a small window for shooting B&W at normal ISO this weekend, so the B&W shots are almost all high ISO. I have to say, chimping on the back of the MM I was thinking I was totally blowing focus. However, after tonight’s viewing, I see that most of that was the high ISO. When I post the larger group tomorrow, there is a fair amount of motion blur from slow exposure. However, at web size they look great, and there are some great shots of my grandkids, so they are not shots I’d reject. However, for someone wanting to see what this lens can do and looks like, they are weaker than this set by a long shot.

For tonight, these are up for an idea of what this lens will do. For family wanting more of the kids, these will probably be repeated in the full set tomorrow, so don’t feel you have to view these now. The small preview of our weekend shot on the 85mm is POSTED HERE.

May 09 2013

Look Up

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Two sets posted today. A very small set from my walk to work in the AM and from my PM walk to the drug store, and then a larger set (though not that large) of fog shots. Mostly looking at the tops of buildings shrouded in the fog that lasted until mid afternoon. I separated the small set from the others as they just didn’t fit with the fog shots. All are shot with the late 40s early 50s 85mm Canon lens. I wont urge you to zoom on the first of the morning stuff in the fog set as apparently I had a problem with it not focusing at infinity when wide open. I’m not 100 percent sure why yet, but at small size they are fine for viewing. It was the mood of the fog I was after, and they are fine for that. So here they are. First up, the smaller non fog related set, POSTED HERE.

And the fog stuff in it’s own set is POSTED HERE.


May 08 2013

My First Japanese

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Lens, that is. Kuroki Masana tea. Chrome gold. (Sung to the tune of The Beverly Hill Billies). Got a nice clean copy of the Canon Serenar 85mm f/2 lens today. Circa 1948-1951. They say this was designed by Kuroki Masana, and I must say, if it was him, he was definitely some sort of demented genius. This is not only the first Japanese lens I’ve used, but the first that is actually a better performer wide open than stopped down. I am posting a rather large set of test shots from this afternoon, well captioned to give an idea what I was looking at. Several of the pictures have separate “crops” posted after them so you don’t have to zoom in to see the results. However, all are posted at 100% size and if you want to have some photo nut fun, click on the “O” (for original” size) setting and look around. This lens is about the second cheapest lens I’ve bought. It is also about as good on bokeh as ANY I’ve bought. And it is way above competent on the sharpness front.

That said, there are issues that would keep it from ever being a favorite of mine. First, of course, is my tendency to shoot wides, not longs. Second is size and weight. And lastly there is the strange handling of the lens. The aperture ring rotates with the lens, and while I have other lenses that do this, this one takes almost a full rotation of the barrel to go from infinity to closest focus (about 3 feet). So as the aperture setting is on top at infinity, it is almost on bottom at close focus. In addition, there are no click stops to aperture, which is nice in some ways, but allows it to be “bumped” easily. It will definitely take some getting used to.

This set has none of the ideal test subjects for this lens, portraits. I’ll be toting it to Portland this weekend, and if I can get the grandkids to cooperate, I will get a chance to give that a go at that time. I’ll also give it a run in color on the M9-P to see how that shakes out at that time. In the mean time, if you aren’t a photo buff, you might want to skim these, I got some good flowers and did a bit better on the white birds as I was heavily chimping today. And if you ARE a photo phreak, have fun, zoom in for even more fun. The full set is POSTED HERE.

And a bit of flare!

Apr 19 2013

Miner’s Landing and Window Shopping (in reverse)

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Two sets to post today. I went to to do some test on the 1936 28mm lens as it was not raining after I got home. Unfortunately it started up again as soon as I got outside. Because of that I did not shoot as many test shots as I had intended, but I ended up shooting more fun ones instead. The two set are the Miner’s Landing set, which has a few outdoor shots then the results of my excursion into the Miner’s Landing arcade area. That one is POSTED HERE.

Decided to get my butt indoors. 1250 ISO

The second set is all from the window inside Warbux where I went to have a treat after I was done. I had set the camera down on the bar the faces the window while I consumed my favorite treat, a grande vanilla bean frapachino with two scoops protein and four scoops vanilla bean (no whip). I clicked a frame and then had an idea. I turned the ISO back up to get the speed up enough to catch the action. Then I prefocused for the sidewalk, and sat with my thumb on the shutter and clicked away as I sipped away. Reverse window shopping. I think in a more interesting place this could be a very interesting technique. As this was just the everyday stream of passers by on the waterfront, they really aren’t spectacular. But I played the caption contest, and you should, too. As an exercise I found it interesting so the results are POSTED HERE.

Apr 18 2013

Wet Afternoon Walk

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Just a couple of shots this afternoon. POSTED HERE.

Typical (crappy and wet) spring day in Seattle.

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