Apr 17 2013

Lake Union Park

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And some boats, and just a few building shots. My daily batch, POSTED HERE.

Apr 12 2013

Hitler Invades the Rhineland…

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Jesse Owens Kicks Some Nazi Butt…. Name that year.

While we’re on that vintage kick. Another test set of a new old (very old) lens. Yesterday I was trying out my communist built 1954 Industar-22 50mm f/3.5 Leica Elmar knockoff from Russia. Today, my Hoopy arrived from Hong Kong. And no, this is not a Chinese knockoff, it’s the real deal. For those of you who got the year from the intro question, you already know how old this lens is. 1936 production model. HOOPY was the part number, thus the nickname. This is the Leitz Hektor 28mm f/6.3 wide angle lens. It was one of the first wide angles Leica made, and 6.3 was fast for a wide angle in that day. For a 77 year old lens, this is sweeet!

28mm is my favorite focal length, so when I saw this lens while looking for old glass to match my age and play with on the Monochrom, I couldn’t resist. And as I was really looking for lenses with “character ” I am not disappointed. The old commie lens, while cool and interesting to play with, is actually capable of producing a look that belies it’s era. This lens is OLD SCHOOL big time. With serious vignette and very low contrast, it is definitely a not modern look. I’ll let results speak to that in a moment.

For those of you interested in new scenery and the like, don’t bother with this set. The weather was atrocious this afternoon so my trip out to test covers basically the same ground as yesterday. However, I have to say, from 50 to 28 and with such a different angle of view and with this one having a much more distinct, anyone willing to poke around in these will have fun. The set is POSTED HERE.

Again... love the vignette.

Apr 11 2013

The Russians are Coming!

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OK. Following up on my hint, here is the second post and second batch for today. When I got home, I checked the mailbox and found (to my delight) another 1954 lens. This time, all the way from Moscow, Russia. This one is a $40 Industar-22, which is a copy of a Leica 50mm Elmar f/3.5 collapsable lens. A lens this age is always a gamble, a commie copy? Doubly so. But when I was looking for lenses as old as me I couldn’t pass on one that’s a commie like me, to boot!

I promptly opened the package to check it out. It came cap free (which I was expecting) but was in fair condition. It is a bit loose at closest focus, but does infinity lock and is pretty smooth when focusing. The adapter I bought for it (it is screw mount and my cameras are bayonet mount) seemed to fit fine. So I was raring to go. I fired one quick shot indoors to see if it seemed to work at all, and it looked pretty good on the camera back. Of course, anyone with an M9 or MM knows that don’t mean much. So out the door I went to fire off a few rounds. (Hey… all the gun talk in the news, how could I help it?).

My results are posted now. It’s a small batch and in no way scientific. But they are captioned with information on what I was trying and they do show what forty bucks will get you these days. More testing this weekend, after I buy some caps and maybe even a hood. The first set from my Krushev era lens… well, technically he wan’t the leader for a couple of years after this was produced, but the guy sitting then was a short timer already being ousted by our friend Nikita at the time… is POSTED HERE.

Wide open.

Apr 10 2013

Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s nineteen fifty four!

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A set from this afternoon with boring machines and birds, shot with my silver oldie, the 1954 90mm Leitz Elmar. POSTED HERE.

And as the captions on this shot will tell you… “Yes, I Know… this is all sorts of wrong.” And it’s all me not the lens. But I really liked this shot, so… “Joke ‘em if they can’t take a f*#%k!”

Yes, I know... this is all sorts of wrong.

Mar 30 2013

Daily Shots

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A small set from around Westlake Mall this morning, POSTED HERE.

Mar 28 2013

Hey… I’m OLD!

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I have been thinking for a while that I really wanted a lens as old as me. After looking at a lot of Ashwin Rao’s stuff about old lenses on the Monochrom (their spelling) and trying some with my 1958 35mm Summaron f/2.8 I thought I’d poke around and see what I could find. I couldn’t find anything as cheap as I was thinking at Glazers, nor could I find a 1954 lens there. So I went poking around on eBay. I came across a few 50mm lenses from that year, but the Leica’s were all going for more than I intended to spend. Then I spotted a 1954 Commie knockoff Industar lens for almost nothing. I ordered it, and an adapter to go with it as it’s a screw mount lens. It should be on it’s way. But shortly after that a Leica 90mm Elmar 9cm (90mm) f/4 collapsable lens showed up with a really low asking price. The seller was not a camera guy much, it was found at an estate sale, looked far from mint, didn’t have a front cap, and was probably pretty much a gamble.

Today, said lens arrived at my apartment and after I got off work I picked it up and tried it out. At first I thought, “Ah Ha! It doesn’t want to focus. That’s why it’s so cheap.” But then I found the small infinity lock on the focus knob and so my hopes were raised a bit. The bayonet mount didn’t feel liked it real solidly clicked when mounting it, but it did seat. It came with a hood and it fit fine. And I had a spare front cap the right size, so that wasn’t an issue. So I grabbed both the MM and the M9-P to go shoot some quick test shots. I figured both because the MM looks really nice with older glass, and because the color on older lenses has always seemed a bit better than on the modern glass.

On my MM (with the raw brass thumbs up and the Barton braided strap.

So to keep this short, I’ve posted a set from my test. Plenty of captions for the photo phreaks, a bunch of crops to demo the 1 to 1 detail. part color and part B&W. I hope you have time to poke around in them, as I have to say, I’m simply amazed at the results for a lens this old and in this condition. 90 is NOT my focal length, but it is great for when you need it. Check the set out, POSTED HERE.

So my next shot was straight up without changing any settings or focus hoping to catch that gull that just flew through my frame. This was vertical but I liked it better rotated.

I took a bunch of these and all were great except at 160 ISO I got down in speed enough on a few to get motion blur. The were posing and shooting each other and never even noticed me.

May 22 2012


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Just one shot today. Couldn’t resist. Full size shot POSTED HERE.

My one shot of the day. As I left for work, the

Apr 14 2012

Dragon Moon

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Shot two frames today, one came out how I wanted. Early AM and the moon was still out. I wondered if I could get a shot of it with one of our Chinatown dragons. Bad light, ISO 640, but I liked it. Interested in the larger version, it’s POSTED HERE.

Mar 14 2012

Lightroom 4 and Moire Effect Correction

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For the photo guys out there. Leica has no filter on the sensor to reduce this effect. Certain textures set if off big time. The benefit is that it is caused by sharpness, so no filter means a sharper, more detailed file. The downside is obvious in this photo. The new version of Lightroom is out with a filter to lessen the effect. It does NOT correct it, just reduces it greatly. This coupled with a bit of reduction in the image size gets an exceptionally clean file. See below for a crop of the shot with the effect still there. A comparison set with a before and after full size and a before ad after crop are POSTED HERE.

Detail of original, see shirts left and right.

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