Jul 04 2016

Welcome Home Samuel Bess!

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Fun day today as our friend Debbie came down from Seattle for a visit to Tacoma, but the highlight of the day was a visit at Kristina and Dan’s place to visit their new arrival. Samuel Easton Bess was born two days ago and just arrived home today. What a great 4th of July! I am assuming the spelling of his name is traditional as the parents are a bit more “East Coast”. If it’s really Saamyuel Eaztun, I apologize to the family for misspelling (and the kid for the parents).

Kristina is Rita’s oldest brother Steve and his wife Diane’s youngest girl. (Yes, you ARE oldest in this regard Steve.) Dan’s Parents and Diane are already here (like responsible grandparents) while Steve is to join later. I am sure he will say he was saving the best for last. In reality he is just late to the party, per usual.

We were thrilled to be invited for a nice Four of July grilled dinner cooked up by the Bess family. We managed a great visit and to get Rita out of the place without her kidnapping the baby. I took some photos for them while we were there. I apologize if the mom and dad look a wee bit tired, but those of you who have kids will understand. We were personally very impressed with Kristina and Dan’s stamina (Kristina in particular) to actually be up and about at this point.

Anyway, it was great to meet Samuel, and we hope that Dan’s posting keeps them here long enough for some babysitting duties for Aunt Rita (He is a military doctor, still training and under obligation to Uncle Sam’s whims). The set of Samuel’s first day home is POSTED HERE.

Jul 03 2016

Angela’s Place for Her Birthday

Category: Canon Fodder,Family & Friends,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 21:59

Some shots from our visit at Angela and Rob’s for Angela’s 42nd. Mary was up with the kids, so we took the opportunity to force a family photo on them. Ha! That will teach them to invite us. And we should have known to keep the dogs in the house, as some dog wrangling was needed. But then Sasha and Junior ARE part of the family. Sasha is the well behaved German Shepard and Junior is the black lab that can’t figure out what the heck we are doing. The set is POSTED HERE.

Feb 24 2016

Turning Japanese

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A very small set from the same park as the other day, but with a Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens (made sometime in the 1960s). This is the one often referred to as “the Japanese Summilux” as a comparison to the Leica Summilux. Not a fair comparison, in my opinion as it sets it up to fail as the Leica referred to is pretty near perfection (had a few of those over the years). But also not fair in that it is very different and has a more distinct rendering than the Leica. “Rendering” is like “style” in that if you like it, great. If not, not so great. It is personality. And by comparing it you make someone expect it to compare in all aspects. It does not compare well then if it is so vastly different. Judged as just a great Japanese lens on it’s own, it actually stands out more as a more distinctive look. So like it or not? here are a few to check it out, but this is another rainy day, so the subjects don’t give it much of a test. However, I think there is enough of the look in there to get a hint at how distinct it is. The set is POSTED HERE.

Oct 30 2014

How About a Film Fail?

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Took a test roll on Tri-X black and white film using a “new” Canon IVsb (that’s probably a bit older than I am)

It’s harder to determine an exact date for Canon cameras than it is for Leica. With Leica, the serial number alone will get you to the year of production at least. With Canon it takes some checking and some of it has to be guess work. That’s the reason I refer to my 85mm Canon Serenar F/2 lens as “late 40s”. I know it was produced between 1948 and 1951. In the case of this camera I can get pretty close because of some changes to features that identify different iterations of the IV.

First, it has a top shutter speed of 1000, making it a III or IV. Next it has a flash rail on the rewind end, making it an IV for sure. After than we can determine that its earliest date would be December of 1952, because it has an “x” setting for flash synchronization, a feature that made its debut for Canon at that time. That feature establishes the “sb” in the name and the start date. They then upgraded to an “sb2” in March 1954 that had a slower 1/15th shutter speed setting than mine, meaning the latest it could have been made was around my birthday in Feb of 1954. Technically, they kept producing them for about another year, but since the new model was out at that time, I’m using that to end date it. So essentially, I know it was made from around the time my brother was born in 1952 and when I was born in 1954 (and maybe just a bit later), making it safe to say that it is “Probably a bit older than I am.”

Unfortunately, especially since I loved the handling of the camera, there appears to be pinhole light leaks in the shutter. You can see a series of white dots in the image. But, I still did get some stuff I like on the roll. So I’m Posting a set light leaks and all. The set is POSTED HERE.

Mar 23 2014

Bad Film

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So I went to scan the photos ruined by the kid at Walgreens who processed them wrong. But as I worked on them I realized they were really just ‘cross processed” which you sometimes pay to have them do. So I decided to scan them myself and see what I could get. Of course then I confront the fact that the $100 Canonette was not focusing properly, and they mishandled the negatives so badly they are more scratched up than my 30 year old negatives I’ve been going through. But, all that aside, there are some “interesting” shots in there, so I’m posting them in all their glorious cross processed color, scratches, soft focus, and all. If you are up for a strange set, they are POSTED HERE.

Jul 04 2013

A Baker’s Dozen

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Twelve shots of Ellie. One with her cousin Sophie in it, thus the “baker’s dozen” of the title. POSTED HERE.