Jan 12 2014

The Louvre

Category: Family & Friends,Leica Monkeys,Sony Baloney,TravelRandall Kelley @ 15:23

Another big museum batch from Paris. Good new/bad news. Not many more museum visits on this trip (good for those who don’t like museum shots, bad for those who do). The Louvre is one of those love hate museums as well. I have had many people tell me the treasures there are over rated and not worth the line, and many saying just the opposite. So besides just putting up the pictures, I’m going to throw in my two eurocents worth.

First of all, if you are going because you want to see the Mona Lisa or some such piece and want to really soak it in and get a true feeling of the piece… fuggedaboutit! All of the major works are in galleries that are overcrowded, and you probably won’t feel too comfy sitting there and taking it in for any reasonable amount of time.

On the other hand, if you are just Griswalding it and want to get a selfie with a famous piece, then you are going to be rewarded for your wait and your willingness to squeeze through the crowds for your moment at the front.

Personally, I found it well worth the visit, but then we A) used the lesser know subway station entrance to get in pretty easily, and B) We only had a couple of the major works we wanted to see, and spent the majority of our time in deserted galleries filled with absolutely amazing antiquities. This is a fairly large set with only a few of the museum itself and mostly just individual pieces or groups of pieces. Definitely a set for museum folks. The set is POSTED HERE.

Jan 12 2014

Everything Old is New Again

Category: Family & Friends,Leica Monkeys,Sony Baloney,TravelRandall Kelley @ 01:37

Going back in time. I started to pick up my editing of the Summer trip to Europe and in looking at where I left off I noted I only had a small portion of our shots from Napoleon’s Tomb up. I don’t know if I was afraid of boring others or just tired of all the editing work, but there were a lot more nice shots I hadn’t edited or posted. I have now added them to the set, so anyone wanting to see the whole set can now do so. For serious museum buffs it will be fun, for anyone else, you can probably take a pass. The newly expanded set is POSTED HERE.

Oct 18 2013

Unfinished Business

Category: Family & Friends,Sony Baloney,TravelRandall Kelley @ 22:33

Well, I’ve been thinking there was something in the back of my mind for a while, and it came to me when working on the photos from Gwynn and Sammi’s wedding that I still had not finished the reception pictures from the Eric and Nikki’s wedding back in June. I did not make it through these before our vacation and meant to get back to them sooner but have been distracted. Anyway, enough of the excuses, this is the color portion of the pictures from the reception (lack and white to follow soon). The color set is POSTED HERE.

Sep 12 2013

Super Boris

Category: Sony Baloney,TravelRandall Kelley @ 16:56

After this I still have sets from Les Invalides and the Louvre to do. But This is all the random color stuff from the last day in Paris, with a heavy emphasis on the Eiffel Tower. It’s first even though it is more from the end of the day, just because it was an easier set to edit and I’ve been a bit under the weather. As for the title of the post, well… That’s obvious. POSTED HERE.

Sep 04 2013

Color Photos from Paris – Day 2

Category: Sony Baloney,TravelRandall Kelley @ 14:33

Same drill. Second day in Paris full size photos. POSTED HERE.

Sep 02 2013

Color Photos from Paris – Day 1

Category: Sony Baloney,TravelRandall Kelley @ 18:35

The first set of properly edited and posted full size pictures is done now. This is Rita’s color from out first day in Paris. Most are from the Sony RX1 but a a good share is also her work with the Leica M9-P. They are now up for viewing, POSTED HERE.

Aug 24 2013

Our Second Day in Dublin

Category: Family & Friends,Sony Baloney,TravelRandall Kelley @ 22:09

Next to the last set of small Jpegs giving an overview of our day are now on the trainyard site with captions. POSTED HERE.

Then on in for more of the cell area.

Aug 12 2013

Skellig Michael

Category: Family & Friends,Sony Baloney,TravelRandall Kelley @ 15:20

Today was a good day, as we had perfect weather and were able to make a visit to Skellig Michael (details linked here) a trip we attempted 6 years ago but only got the boat ride portion, as on that day the swells were to big to allow landing. Besides the Skelligs being fantastic, I managed to regain most of my Paris tan that had mostly faded, and I lost the bits of extra skin on my toes from the Paris blisters this evening as well. I got to sample Dingle Gin as well, so all in all the time here in Portmagee has been really good. Todays batch is all from the trip to Skellig Michael. Rita and I shot a few more around town, but the Skellig set was big already, so those will wait. Todays set is POSTED HERE.

In the states, this would never fly. Where are the guard rails?

Aug 09 2013

Day Trip to the Antrim Coast

Category: Family & Friends,Sony Baloney,TravelRandall Kelley @ 13:19

Todays outing in the new rented car was to Dunluce Castle (an old castle on a cliff) and the Giant’s Causeway (a geological formation) on the Antrim Coast. That’s on the North end of Northern Ireland, and it’s about an hour and a half East of where we are staying. Tomorrow is a road day, so I’m not sure if it will be a day or two before more pictures. I do hope to get my black and white from today up later. But for now, today’s color by Rita is in two sets that are now posted. The castle is first, it’s POSTED HERE.

And then the set from the Giant’s Causeway is POSTED HERE.

So you just forget about having only you in the shot and go for it anyway.

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