Dec 19 2012


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A first set from our Sunday outing to the Museum of Flight. What’s a Popemobile got to do with flight? Got me. Maybe it was there because this was a pre-bulletproof popemobile and so he could have flown off to heaven direct. (And if the Pope is afraid to die… what hope for the rest of us?) Regardless, it was a pretty sweet ride and Rita shot some details of it and I shot some wide angles that got the whole thing. We were shooting tag team style, her color, me black and white. We chose this place because we wanted to shoot and it was MISERABLE out. This is an indoor site with a lot of stuff to shoot. I’ll be posting some more sets later as I get them sorted into reasonable categories. In the mean time, we hope you enjoy seeing the popemobile as much as we did. POSTED HERE.

Hey! I know that lady with the M9-P and the Uggs.

Dec 09 2012

Double Date Day

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Had two engagements today. A brunch and movie outing with our friend Debbie, and an evening dinner with Em and Aaron to celebrate their recent marriage (we missed the wedding). I have a few shots from each up now. POSTED HERE.

And then this evening out to dinner with Em and Aaron at the Tamarind Tree Restaurant in the international district. GIrl's side...

Dec 07 2012

The 17th Floor

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Shot a handfull on the walk home, and then decided that the sun dropping might make for an interesting view up on the 17th floor. Of course, it’s glassed in so the glare and reflections in the glass come into play. But it wasn’t bad. I posted a few, culminating with that one, and the can be SEEN HERE.

Dec 05 2012

Potato Salad

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Potatoe or potato? Must… get… head… out… of… politics!

So I ran to the little market in the middle of the Harbor Steps steps. The actual steps devide the complex in half North to South. Post Alley quarters it North to south. Our building is SW, and the store is just on the edge of the North West building. Convenient convenient store indeed! As I had not taken any shots at all today, and as I was feeling guilty about it, I grabbed the Monochrom (their spelling) on the way out. Not much to see twixt here and yon. But the small bit there was got a few shots. POSTED HERE.

View from Harbor steps toward waterfront.

Dec 04 2012


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A few shots of the lunch group. A meet up to get together with a HAPPILY retired Planner, so we Schedulers could feel some real envy. POSTED HERE.

Nov 17 2012

A Few from Today

Category: Travel,Zeiss CheezeRandall Kelley @ 17:41

Just a handful from our walk from the movie theater to the hotel. POSTED HERE.

Our hotel.

Nov 17 2012

USS Midway

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Rita’s shots are up from yesterday, the majority of them being from our afternoon on the decks of the USS Midway. POSTED HERE.

Pretending as if.....

Nov 16 2012

Shots From the Last Couple of Days

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All Rita’s, and captioned by her, POSTED HERE.

I love this photo!

Nov 14 2012

San Siego Zoo

Category: Travel,Zeiss CheezeRandall Kelley @ 09:29

Went up to check out the zoo we’ve been hearing about since we were kids (thanks Johnny Carson!). Rita’s picture are posted now. Two batches, first an overview of the day with her captions. POSTED HERE.

Yes, he's taking pictures too, just using a film camera.

Then the set of animals from the zoo. POSTED HERE.

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