Oct 15 2015

Minnesota Wedding Film Shots

A small set. Nailed most, but blew a few (but not bad enough to not post for the interested family members). The set is POSTED HERE.

Oct 11 2015

Memphis at Night in Black and White

I have a set of black and white shots from Memphis, all but a few taken at night, ready to go now. While developing the black and white film I also discoverd I had some of Elvis’s cars from the day at Graceland in my film sets, and when checking to see the date on those I discovered something strange. I have NOT done our Graceland set. I guess my meltdown there (from lack of liquid and heat) put a block in my brain. Anyway, I will get to those soon, so this is not the last of the Memphis stuff. But this is the last of the film stuff from Memphis. The first few are from a daytime visit to Beale Street and a visit to A Schwab, an historic department store, one from the entry to the Gibson Factory (before we had to stop because they did not allow photos on the tour) and a couple of shots of bridges taken on the riverboat tour. The remainder are all night stuff on push processed TriX film. My Black and White Memphis shots are POSTED HERE.

Oct 10 2015

Some Film from Memphis

I have my actual negatives in hand from the memphis stuff, but I don’t have time to pick my favorites and do more detailed scans yet. For now I am posting some sets from the scans from the lab, they are pretty decent scans anyway. A portion of these were posted at lower resolution on Facebook, but I have done more development work (home computer makes it much easier to get into really detailed processing than the laptop when traveling). The first of two sets is all of the apartment we stayed in while in Memphis. That set is POSTED HERE.

The second set is from the Leon Russel Concert and has some of the opening act the Grahams and some of Leon Russel and his band. There would be more of Leon Russel, but I was asked by the floor manager to stop using anything other than an iPhone. Strange to me, as iPhone shots would certainly be more accurate than high speed black and white film shots. Maybe they just don’t like art? Who knows. At least I got a few good ones in before they shut me down. The concert set is POSTED HERE.

Aug 14 2015

Oregon Coast Color Film

Category: Family & Friends,The Undead (Film Is Not Dead),TravelRandall Kelley @ 15:44

Just got my film from our trip to the Oregon Coast back. Just a single roll of film, as I had my first roll in the camera wrong from when we were in South Dakota. I was bummed to loose that roll, but I must say I am really happy with this one. The set is POSTED HERE.

Jun 27 2015

The Paulsen Ranch

Last but not least, my favorite set from the trip. This will be the last of the South Dakota trip shots. I went out and shot almost a whole roll of black and white at the ranch outside of Quinn. This is the stuff that begs for black and white film. The set is POSTED HERE.

Jun 27 2015

Devil’s Tower Color Film

Category: Leica Monkeys,The Undead (Film Is Not Dead),TravelRandall Kelley @ 16:47

The color counterpart on Ektar 100 shot on the old Bronica ETR 645 camera. Much small set, but you get less on a roll of 120mm film. The set is POSTED HERE.

Jun 27 2015

Devil’s Tower Black and White

Category: Leica Monkeys,The Undead (Film Is Not Dead),TravelRandall Kelley @ 15:49

A good size set of black and white shots from Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. Pardon if some seem repetitive. It tends to look very similar from different angles. But I wanted those interested to be able to see pretty much the entire way around the tower. The set is POSTED HERE.

Jun 27 2015

Set Alley Black and White

A real small set of black and white film shots from our excursion with Darren and the boys in Rapid City. POSTED HERE.

Jun 21 2015

4 from my 44

Category: Daily Drivel,The Undead (Film Is Not Dead)Randall Kelley @ 16:43

A small set that I am really happy with. I decided to see if I could get the 44 transport to not mess up frames as the camera is so cool. (I put a picture of it in the set for reference.) It’s an old baby size twin lens reflex that shoots 4cm by 4cm frames. I had used Ilford HP5 film before but did not care for those results. But the only other film for this was not great, so when I saw that they had a converted roll of the HP5 I decided to try it. There are two independent companies making film for this format, and the other black and white is made just for this format. However, the only color film for it is cut down from 120 film, as was this Ilford black and white. I hope you enjoy this set, POSTED HERE.

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