Sep 18 2016

First Day at Niagara Falls

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First a question: Why isn’t it pronounced Ni-Ah-Gare-Ah Falls? Sure as hell reeks havoc on my spelling having to think about the damn extra A every time! Just got the first days shots uploaded to the smug mug account. Day two will be next. This is one set of Rita’s color and one of my black and white. I honestly would never have imagined wanting to do a second day at the falls, as they seemed an over rated tourist site in my head before arrival. However, I have to admit I am a convert. Fantastic visit. I am also planning a trip back first really severe winter, as I have seen some winter shots to die for and I want some of my own.

Rita’s color set of day one is POSTED HERE.

My black and whites are POSTED HERE.

Sep 18 2016

First days of our Fall Trip

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Some of these shots have been on Facebook, but I am putting up high resolution full sets now. The shots of the family visit at Steve and Diane’s place are POSTED HERE.

The next set is Rita’s from the campground the first night on the road. It is POSTED HERE.

The last of this group are my B&W shots from on the road and in the campground. That set is POSTED HERE.

More set to come, soon.

Jul 11 2016

Victoria B.C.

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We came to Victoria for a week of R&R. Well, that’s the plan now. Originally I had a workshop on intaglio printing of photographic plates scheduled, but that fell through (to be made up later by personal training). Since everything up here was already booked, we decided a break was good, too. We have several friends up here that we met through photography workshops, so we will also get some visiting in.

We arrived Saturday on the Victoria clipper, a high speed hydroplane ferry (coincidentally, they originated in Norway and one of the first ones in the world went into operation when I lived in Stavanger, Norway). We got settled in a bit on Sunday, walking a ways to a real grocery store for supplies, as we are in a nice studio apartment right by the water at the edge of old town and Chinatown. It’s the oldest Chinatown in North America, they claim. It’s also one of the smallest. If you go through the photo set, the first three shots are Rita’s from the rooftop deck of the building. We are only on the second floor, so no view, but it is nice on the roof, which we can also use.

Sunday was mostly occupied with our preparations, but in the later afternoon we went out to scout the old bridge near our place as I hope to use it in the project I chose to do for the black and white film photography class I am taking. Last week I shot a couple of rolls of the bridge at Deception Pass. This week I am doing the same up here, then I plan to hit several bridges in Oregon that I have loved for years.

These will be kind of redundant, as both Rita and I were shooting and we were just shooting the bridge and some of the area right around it. But there are some nice shots in there. Internet is sucking a bit here, so I probably won’t be posting more from this trip until we are back. I will just put up a few on Facebook, and wait until after the trip sometime to develop full sets.

In the meantime, the set of the bridge are POSTED HERE.

Jul 04 2016

Welcome Home Samuel Bess!

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Fun day today as our friend Debbie came down from Seattle for a visit to Tacoma, but the highlight of the day was a visit at Kristina and Dan’s place to visit their new arrival. Samuel Easton Bess was born two days ago and just arrived home today. What a great 4th of July! I am assuming the spelling of his name is traditional as the parents are a bit more “East Coast”. If it’s really Saamyuel Eaztun, I apologize to the family for misspelling (and the kid for the parents).

Kristina is Rita’s oldest brother Steve and his wife Diane’s youngest girl. (Yes, you ARE oldest in this regard Steve.) Dan’s Parents and Diane are already here (like responsible grandparents) while Steve is to join later. I am sure he will say he was saving the best for last. In reality he is just late to the party, per usual.

We were thrilled to be invited for a nice Four of July grilled dinner cooked up by the Bess family. We managed a great visit and to get Rita out of the place without her kidnapping the baby. I took some photos for them while we were there. I apologize if the mom and dad look a wee bit tired, but those of you who have kids will understand. We were personally very impressed with Kristina and Dan’s stamina (Kristina in particular) to actually be up and about at this point.

Anyway, it was great to meet Samuel, and we hope that Dan’s posting keeps them here long enough for some babysitting duties for Aunt Rita (He is a military doctor, still training and under obligation to Uncle Sam’s whims). The set of Samuel’s first day home is POSTED HERE.

Jul 03 2016

Angela’s Place for Her Birthday

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Some shots from our visit at Angela and Rob’s for Angela’s 42nd. Mary was up with the kids, so we took the opportunity to force a family photo on them. Ha! That will teach them to invite us. And we should have known to keep the dogs in the house, as some dog wrangling was needed. But then Sasha and Junior ARE part of the family. Sasha is the well behaved German Shepard and Junior is the black lab that can’t figure out what the heck we are doing. The set is POSTED HERE.

May 17 2016

Fremont, Gasworks, and Lenin

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This morning I got up butt early. I needed to run an errand in Seattle, and Rita was going to take a 6 Am yoga class from Kim, one of her former Seattle instructor friends (and then we were all going out for coffee with her and another former yoga classmate, Doug, to celebrate Kim’s Birthday). I am not back to “yoga weight” yet, so I brought my camera and took advantage of the early morning light to get a nice long walk and some shooting in. Turns out that getting up that early was worth it, as the light was great and I ended up with a really nice set of pictures. That set is POSTED HERE.

May 15 2016

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

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I have a set posted from the walk Rita and I took across the bridge spanning the Tacoma Narrows last Wednesday. This is a mix of Rita’s shots on the M240 and Mine on the ME. A few of some workers doing a high wire act in there as well, if you look closely. I was also shooting black and white film, but don’t expect to see those results for a while. Our color shots are POSTED HERE.

May 09 2016


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Went for our first walk of the day at Chambers Bay and due to forgetting to get the camera out of the car after our Mother’s Day outing I had it with us. Since this was an exercise walk and not a photo walk, I only shot a handful of pictures. The very small set is POSTED HERE.

May 09 2016

Mother’s Day with the Girls

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A lovely Mother’s Day this year as Angela and Rob came down from Seattle with the little ones, and Mary Lee came up from Portland with her kids. We went down to Wright park to let the grandkids have some room to roam. I have a set of pictures from the outing POSTED HERE.

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