Oct 02 2015

Frank Lloyd Wright Excursion

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Posting four sets from our trip to Pennsylvania with our friend Drew to visit some Frank Lloyd Wright houses. We flew into Columbus and met Drew and then (after a day checking antique malls in Ohio) headed over to see Fallingwater and Kentuk Knob. As a bonus Drew had found we could spend a night in a FLW house nearby. We were totally excited, and the whole trip lived up to our highest hopes.

I’m not writing much here, but I put fairly extensive notes in the captions of the photos. So look for more info there. First up is a set from our drive over to the Duncan House where we spent the night. That set is POSTED HERE.

Pan of the house. 2 frames from the dLux and one from Rita's M 240.

The next set is a small set taken out of the Fallingwater set, that is just some of the artwork on the walls of the house. It is POSTED HERE.

Another Diego Rivera.

Now this would be the time ordered spot for the Fallingwater shots, and the logical place for them, but the Kentuk Knob visit would be such a let down after those that I am posting them here. Kentucky Knob is much smaller, more typical, of a FLW house than Fallingwater that it was a bit of a letdown. Had we started here, it might not have been, it is cool in it’s own right. However, compound this with no interior photography and it was a double let down. This set is just a few exterior shots and a few sculptures from the owners collection that is housed on the grounds. The Kentuk Knob set is POSTED HERE.

Last, and most assuredly not least, is a large set from Fallingwater. Loads of captions and loads of detailed interior shots as well as spectacular exterior shots. That set is POSTED HERE.

Sep 22 2015

Did I forget?

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Forget to mention Memphis? Home of Elvis and the ancient Greeks.

Pardon my Talking Heads reference, but we are in Memphis with our friends Adam and Brenda and their kids. We flew to Atlanta and then drove to Memphis for a few days here. We are now, already through our first couple of days.

Rita and Adam found out that Leon Russel was playing here our first night so we got tickets and went to see him our first evening here. Turned out that he had a great opening act, The Grahams, that was a couple doing “country” music. The quotes are because there are so many “country” music flavors that it really doesn’t guarantee what the sound is. But in any genre, they were pretty good. Leon was Leon, and for a guy in his 70s using a cane, he was pretty darn good.

I am posting some sets of photos now from the trip so far. First, one from the drive from Atlanta and of the B&B Adam found through Air B&B. That is POSTED HERE.

The next set is from the concert at the dinner club the first night. That is POSTED HERE.

The next set is from our tour of Sun Studios this morning. This turned out to be a real nice tour, as the guide was a font of information, and a great deal of US rock and roll history happened in this TINY studio. That set is POSTED HERE.

And the last set is from lunch on Beale Street at BB Kings and around that area up until our Gibson Guitar factory tour, where they don’t allow photos because. Don’t ask me why. Because? Just because. that set is POSTED HERE.

Sep 14 2015

Ancient History?

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Well, maybe not ancient, but about a month and a half ago. Just realized I had only posted a couple of shots from our trip to the Oregon Coast with Angela, Rob and the family (and Sophie). So I figure I better get these done before we leave on vacation next week, or I’ll never get to them. There are four separate sets.

First set is From our trip day in Newport, mostly shot at the Aquarium. It’s POSTED HERE.

The next set is a smaller set, just of the fish shot looking through the glass tunnel and into some of the separate tanks. (and I picked the cover photo below because… Monty Python.) It’s POSTED HERE.

The next set is from that evening’s dinner at the Rogue Brewery. It’s POSTED HERE.

And lastly, I have the set of digital shots from the next day at Cape Perpetual Lighthouse. These are mostly Rita’s shots, and the wind and light took their toll. But I really liked some of the backlit, flared out shots anyway. One of these I did on FB as a black and white (and I actually like it better that way) but the color effect is actually kind of startling (in a good way). I hope you enjoy all of these sets. This last set is POSTED HERE.

Sep 12 2015

Last Photos from the Oregon Wedding

Category: Family & Friends,Leica Monkeys,TravelRandall Kelley @ 17:43

I have (finally) finished up the photos from the end of July at the wedding of my Niecter Tamara’ daughter (niece adopted by my mom, and thus my sister). I guess her daughter Mary Lee (yes, Tamara was a copy cat!) is either my niece or my great niece, or is she my great niecter? I think I’ll go with that. I have divided these into three sets. The first is a large set of the reception and the accompanying rituals. You know, meal, cake cutting, first dances, garter and bouquet tosses. That stuff. It is POSTED HERE.

The second set is of a lot of dancing and goofing off before the official stuff. With a bunch of shots from Gwynn Spina giving dance lessons. Some funny stuff in here. It is another fairly large set. It’s POSTED HERE.

The last is a smaller set, mostly of our immediate family, but with a few odd ball out takes from the other stuff thrown in. Hope everyone enjoy all three sets. The last set is POSTED HERE.

Sep 06 2015

Wedding Pictures

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Well… It’s not like I didn’t warn you. I knew this was going to be a busy time, so I warned my family that getting these pictures done would take a while. I must admit, it has been a bigger while than I had hoped. I have two sets ready and I’m posting those now. One is the wedding itself, and the other is the posed shots with the bride, groom and family. I am still working on two more sets that will get posted later (hopefully this weekend). That will be one of the people at the wedding and reception (and dancing). The other will be Rituals and stuff (cake cutting, first dances, the tosses).

The wedding set is POSTED HERE.

And the Posed pictures are POSTED HERE.

Aug 14 2015

Oregon Coast Color Film

Category: Family & Friends,The Undead (Film Is Not Dead),TravelRandall Kelley @ 15:44

Just got my film from our trip to the Oregon Coast back. Just a single roll of film, as I had my first roll in the camera wrong from when we were in South Dakota. I was bummed to loose that roll, but I must say I am really happy with this one. The set is POSTED HERE.

Jun 27 2015

The Paulsen Ranch

Last but not least, my favorite set from the trip. This will be the last of the South Dakota trip shots. I went out and shot almost a whole roll of black and white at the ranch outside of Quinn. This is the stuff that begs for black and white film. The set is POSTED HERE.

Jun 27 2015

Devil’s Tower Color Film

Category: Leica Monkeys,The Undead (Film Is Not Dead),TravelRandall Kelley @ 16:47

The color counterpart on Ektar 100 shot on the old Bronica ETR 645 camera. Much small set, but you get less on a roll of 120mm film. The set is POSTED HERE.

Jun 27 2015

Devil’s Tower Black and White

Category: Leica Monkeys,The Undead (Film Is Not Dead),TravelRandall Kelley @ 15:49

A good size set of black and white shots from Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. Pardon if some seem repetitive. It tends to look very similar from different angles. But I wanted those interested to be able to see pretty much the entire way around the tower. The set is POSTED HERE.

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