May 17 2016

Fremont, Gasworks, and Lenin

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 17:47

This morning I got up butt early. I needed to run an errand in Seattle, and Rita was going to take a 6 Am yoga class from Kim, one of her former Seattle instructor friends (and then we were all going out for coffee with her and another former yoga classmate, Doug, to celebrate Kim’s Birthday). I am not back to “yoga weight” yet, so I brought my camera and took advantage of the early morning light to get a nice long walk and some shooting in. Turns out that getting up that early was worth it, as the light was great and I ended up with a really nice set of pictures. That set is POSTED HERE.

May 15 2016

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 16:48

I have a set posted from the walk Rita and I took across the bridge spanning the Tacoma Narrows last Wednesday. This is a mix of Rita’s shots on the M240 and Mine on the ME. A few of some workers doing a high wire act in there as well, if you look closely. I was also shooting black and white film, but don’t expect to see those results for a while. Our color shots are POSTED HERE.

May 09 2016


Category: Daily Drivel,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 22:08

Went for our first walk of the day at Chambers Bay and due to forgetting to get the camera out of the car after our Mother’s Day outing I had it with us. Since this was an exercise walk and not a photo walk, I only shot a handful of pictures. The very small set is POSTED HERE.

May 05 2016

Don’t Run Away, Please.

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 21:34

My set from my walk on the Tacoma waterfront is now posted. Some cute shots of a family of geese in here. The set is POSTED HERE.

May 02 2016

Let’s Take a Walk, Hitler.

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 15:26

Hope it was OK to have the Hitler lens on the ME on May Day. I don’t really know where Hitler stood on labor (other than forced). But the 1936 28mm lens is my smallest and lightest lens, so that was what I had on the camera for our walk yesterday. I am surprised how little purple color shift this lens shows on the ME. It’s the same sensor as my old M9’s were. But it has less problems on this camera that on those or Rita’s M 240. Go figure.

I think all of Rita’s from yesterday were from Wright Park, but mine include some from our walk and brunch before the park, and another stab at a mural I have shot before on the way home. By the way, the ghosts in the one below are courtesy of 1/8th second shutter speed as I didn’t want to fiddle with the ISO for just a couple of shots. My set is POSTED HERE.

May 01 2016

Mayday, Mayday

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 18:11

Walkies today after brunch was a stroll around Wright Park. This is Rita’s set from the excursion, POSTED HERE.

Apr 19 2016

Bike Lame Ahead! (Two Walkie Sets)

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica Monkeys,The Undead (Film Is Not Dead)Randall Kelley @ 12:39

Finished editing the test set of Ilford HP5 black and white film, about half of which was shot on a walk with Rita back on April 2nd. Still not 100% sure on editing of this film yet but I am liking the results. It will definitely be one option for replacing the XP2 Super that takes color film processing. I am also posting the set of Rita’s that I put up on Facebook at the time, as the FB stuff is smaller scale, and almost impossible to refer back to (due to typical FB suckyness). My black and white film set is POSTED HERE.

The higher resolution set of Rita’s M240 shots from that day are POSTED HERE.

Apr 18 2016

Saturday in Portland

Category: Daily Drivel,Family & Friends,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 17:57

Walkies with Rita (relearning the differences of the ME from her M 240) and a meetup with my friend from Atlanta who was in the area. The set is POSTED HERE.

Apr 14 2016

Tacoma B&W

Category: Blad the Impaler,Daily Drivel,The Undead (Film Is Not Dead)Randall Kelley @ 11:29

Wasn’t satisfied with the TriX batch from the Hassy, so I ran a couple of rolls of Ilford XP2 Super through. I liked the results a lot better. A set with some of those test shots is POSTED HERE.

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