Nov 15 2008

First Day in Kona

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Sorry but today will just be a note. The computer is slow, and I need rest before we circle the island tomorrow.

There was a parade while we had brunch, some coffee festeval going on.

Then we hit the beach, looking for the nekid one. We found it, but with tons of “no nekid allowed” signs. That did not keep me out of the water, just kept me clothed. Unfortunately, my feet were NOT, and I got zapped by an urchin. (sea urchin, not a homeless child from an earlier century)

Of course, I felt that was better than being bitten by one of the tarantulas outside our hotel this morning.

Rita warned me there were “some sort of really big spiders” and I was all like, “Oh crap, I HATE spiders!” Then I saw one and it was a sea spider (crab), not a tarantula, and I was hugely relieved. Not only not so likely to bite me, but I might want to bite him!

Any way we have some good shots, but they will have to wait, as we really need to get an early start tomorrow.

Our best, R&R

Nov 14 2008

Last Day on Maui

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Gotta go to bed. But short version.

Drove the North Coast back to the airport. Spectacular scenery.


But wicked narrow roads. Way scarier than the road to Hana.


Then we killed some time watching surfers at a popular surf beach.



I’ll try to put more from today up later. These are also posted on flickr with geotagging so you can map them if you want.

Aloha! R&R

Nov 13 2008

Blue Water Rafting

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More shots, but less text today. “And I’m Spent!” as Austin would say.

Up early to drive South to get on the boats at 6:30 this A of M. Meant we left Lahaina at 5:30. What an awesome day though. They pitched “adventure” and it felt like one. Just the boat ride was wild. Up to about 47 MPH and airborne several times. The snorkeling was OK, the weather turned to suck, but somehow the crew made it really fun. Didn’t see dolphin today. Saw one whales tail going under, some turtles, a bunch of little fish. A great geology lesson on volcanic rock. And got drenched on the second half in an unbelievable downpour that was rare for out in the open water. Here are a few shots.

Step one the early weather was great and the views back to Maui fine.



Then in near the lava flows to see the compression caves and rocks.



The blow back out of the caves was spectacular.

Then there was the Skipper:


And the Professor:



(The Professor as he was a former college teacher with a PHD in English) I was worried about a five hour tour when we already had the Skipper and the Professor on board. Was there a Gilligan around?

But we got to snorkeling soon enough.




Then some playing off the boat and a lunch break.





Then more snorkeling, but this time in the rain. It was nicer IN the water than out!




And then more playing off the boat.


And last we headed back. With some bird feeding of our leftover lunch on the way.


After the drive back to Lahaina, Rita and I walked up to a restaurant suggested by Alexandra (one of Angela’s oldest friends), and boy she can sure pick ‘em. Incredible spot with great food, even for non Kobe beef eating Rita!

Had to wonder about the sign. The Church said it had been around a long while, so just how soon can soon really be?


More shots from the one mile walk to the restaurant from our hotel.



The outside of the restaurant (with Rita “spokes-modeling”).


And the interior with this nice lady I had dinner with.


And a view out the window.


And last for today, a friend we made on the walk back, with a strange hairdo. I guess he saw “The Lion King” too one too many times.


More as soon as we can. No internet in the next hotel, so we have to run out to post (or do iPhone only) so it may be limited for a couple.

Our love to all, R&R

Nov 13 2008

To Red Sand Beach in Hana

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Gotta be brief. We get up early for a boat ride in the morning.

A couple of shots in town. View off our hotel balcony, a critter on the beach here in Lahaina, and a sunken boat in the harbor here (been there about five years they say).




This is where we had a (cheap) brunch while looking for the boating company’s office. Made up for the splurge last night.


On the train to Red Sand Beach, and you can see how rough the surf was.


But here you can see the cove, and the wall of rocks protecting it.


And how calm it was behind that wall of rocks.


Lucky for you Rita didn’t get any shots of me skinny dipping. But this was my first dip in the ocean over here. But no sun bathing as the rain really started to pick up. I got wetter hiking out than I did from the swim.

And the a couple from the drive back from Hana (very narrow road with many one lane spots, but beautiful in spite of the rain.




More tomorrow, we hope. Love, R&R

Nov 12 2008

Maui Arrival

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We have arrived. Got in about 7 PM local time, but by the time we got the car rented and drove to Lahaina, it was past 8:30.

We thought it was 3 hours difference, but it is just 2. We had a nice (but expensive) dinner at a fancy place next to our hotel. Afteward, we walked down to find the Yoga place for Rita, and the Warbucks for in the morning.

We could have had our choice of restaurants, as everything is on the street at the end of our block.

Oh well, it really was good. So a splurge is not such a bad thing.

Tomorrow we have no fixed plans, just go looking, maybe find a nekid beach or something. The next day is a boating outing and a trip up the mountain.

Hope all are well, R&R

Our food is below. Note these are thumbnails. Click to see larger, but we have not broken out the real cameras yet so these are lowly iPhone shots (as is this post).

Nov 10 2008

Ready For Hawaii

Category: TravelRandall Kelley @ 19:58

We will be in Hawaii for a few days. ;-) Here is a rough itinerary:

Day 1- Tuesday, Nov 11th fly to Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Day 4- Friday, Nov 14th fly to Kailua-Kona (Big Island) Hawaii

Day 8- Tuesday, Nov 18th drive to Hilo, (Big Island) Hawaii

Day 9- Wednesday, Nov 19th Fly Home

We will be posting when possible, keep tuned!

Love, R&R

Oct 25 2008

Comment Worthy of a Post

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Ultimate Offsprings last comment is so excellent I am reposting it here…

A looooong loooong TIme ago (that’s a song too) I was in a small town in Minnesota. They told me then that it meant something if you had a talent for ignoring the noise in the air and FOCUSING on the three letter “words” presented before thee for memrization. I got an A plus in ignorance…ignoring the oppressive ROCK’N’ROLL music…ignoring the DISTRACTIONS… (the Spanish teacher next door didn’t ignore the noise, for instance.) Turns out it meant more than I could have imagined at the time. And NOW, here I am singing “Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday” with a greater appreciation for midnight radio than anyone else in the world except you.

by Ultimate offspring

Thank you UO, ILY,


Oct 21 2008

"Thank you, Sir. May I have another?"

Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 15:01

“Hit the breaks, Dude! What is your malfunction?”

The Transcendental Cowboy hears these words in his head as he realizes he is in a speeding along with no goal that would require it. In fact, it is to his detriment to be moving at his current pace. Further, he can find no rational reason for moving at this speed. It isn’t even giving him an adrenaline rush or anything.

“Slow down, you move to fast…” plays in his head.

Is it helping?

Not yet.

Deep Zen breaths.

Is it helping?

A little bit.

“Ahhh… There it comes.” he whispers to himself.

“Ti…iiii…iiii…iime… is on my side. Tiiii…iii…iii…ime…” now wafts through his more expansive space.

So the Transcendental Cowboy says, “Thank you, Sir. May I have another?”


Sep 21 2008


Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 19:24

Here is a sad little plant!

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