Dec 23 2010

Absence of Malice

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So, if anyone noticed that there has been nothing here in a while, it’s just cause I sent the M9 to the doctor for a check up. After several different small quirks kept bugging me, and since they all seemed to be low light issues, my dealer and I decided to just have it checked. Boy do I miss it. Worse, adding insult to injury, I picked up two new (used) lenses to play with at the same time I gave it up to be checked.

This means I’ve been walking around second guessing myself for over a week now. Is it just me> Even if not, is it a distinct enough problem to diagnose? Now I am thinking, “Was it just my ill will toward certain performance issues that are actually inherent in the camera?” Wondering if these are not flaws but “character traits” of the M9. I hope that is not the case, as they are rather distracting.

Starting with the tendency to jump from a low ISO to very high quickly and dramatically. Add in some banding issued in low light shots and a huge color fringing issue on lights in night shots, and it isn’t what I’ve been hearing from other users of the M9. I am still hopeful for a fixable problem to be discovered. I know they have a reputation for some chromatic aberration, but the severity of mine added to the other odd low light behavior leaves me wanting a fix rather than just learning to live with it.

Don’t get me wrong, if they don’t find anything, I won’t be getting rid of it. I WILL be learning to live with it. I miss my camera far more than I ever imagined I would, and I hope when it gets back I can use it with no more malice.

Dec 11 2010

Co Worker sighting.

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Among the few shots I took, was another Metro employee (on his way to work on a Saturday?). I don’t think he saw me, or else he was not wanting me to think he saw me. Posted HERE.

Caught a co-worker unawares. Chief of Service Communications on his way to the Control Center. On Saturday? Hope this doesn't mean snow is on the way.

Dec 10 2010

The Usual

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Posted HERE.

Dec 05 2010

Outing with family

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Daily shots today are posted in my Family Events section as we went to brunch and then Seattle Center with one of our Niece Tami, her husband John, and their daughter Audrey. The results are posted HERE.

Dec 04 2010

Daily Shots – Playing with color saturation and other settings

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Some daily shots dinking with high ISO, low color saturation and other nonsense just for shits and giggles…posted HERE.

Dec 03 2010

Christmas Stuff

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More Christmas lights and decor. Pics posted HERE.

Hope this means Adam was good…

Dec 01 2010

Dark Walk Home

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Daily shots posted on trainyard HERE.

Nov 29 2010

Last of Florida

Category: TravelRandall Kelley @ 21:30

Pictures up now on trainyard HERE.

Leah had brought the dogs and all were waiting for us on arrival.

Nov 28 2010

Key West

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Another days worth (in two parts) posted on trainyard now.

Key West

And the trip across Alligator Alley

Hey... all three in one shot. Thank you 28mm wide angle.

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