Nov 28 2010

Some Florida Keys Photos

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A whirlwind 4 day drive through Florida, so not much to write. But I have posted the first couple of days of pictures on trainyard HERE.


Nov 24 2010

My New Friend

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Traveling. I’ll be posting a bunch of travel shots when I get back. But I had to throw this up for my daily. It was too much fun, and it fit my street stuff pretty well. Not one who chased me down with a shoe this time.

This guy was one of the “locals” hanging out and passing around 40s at the beach. He volunteered the info the the restrooms were closed and had been for two years, but the trees around were fine. When I asked if I could take his picture he said, “Sure, but only like this.” I said, “Great! That’s my favorite!” He nailed the expression, but he was laughing before and after the shoot. He said, “There. You got one of the Bushman of Key West!”

The Bushman of Key West

Nov 21 2010


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Posted HERE.

Nov 20 2010

Yesterday and Today

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Some edits and out takes from yesterday are posted HERE.

And my usual Warbux stuff is posted HERE.

Don't do these often. But since they asked me to take a shot with their camera, I felt it OK to ask to take with mine as well.

Although this one was a bit different than my norm.

Nov 19 2010

Cold and Rainy Night (with lots of lights) in Downtown Seattle

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Posted some of tonights shots straight from the camera. I’ll do some post processing on them later and post that, but for now see what comes right out of the camera, posted HERE.

Nov 18 2010

Hazards of the Job

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So I only got my camera out to take one picture today. Walking home and not feeling great anyway. Plus it was so cold I didn’t want to walk bare handed and hold the camera. Then I spot this guy on the sidewalk (in the crosswalk actually) and HAD to take a shot. I stepped into the doorway of the store, opened the bag and got my camera out. I figure with the 50 I can shoot from all the way across the street and still get a decent crop. But if I shoot discreetly, from the hip, my odds of getting him in the frame right are low. So I figure I’ll pre focus and just whip it up and shoot quick. Which I did. But, as this guy is probably psycho and probably doing it for the attention, anyway, I figured he’d notice. He did.

He jerked his hand up in front of his face so fast, I figure there’s no way I got his face, but do I wait to see if he puts his hand down and shoot again? Since he blocked the shot, I figure don’t press my luck. I then turn to walk away and he starts throwing leaves and gravel and anything handy toward the street in my direction. So I walk away toward my door and I don’t hear any more, but I got this feeling…

I turn around and sure enough, he’s walking up to me rapidly with his shoe in his hand, and as he approaches he starts in about “Why you take my picture?” loudly and in a heavy accent. I try to explain I shoot everything. And so we go round and round for a bit about what I’m doing and how it’s a public place and so on. For a brief moment I was thinking he meant to hit me with the shoe, but as we talked, I quickly decided that wasn’t his goal. It was just an attention thing. In the end his question for me was, “You want woman?” And his final comment was he was upset because I “wanted” him. It took me several times going through that with him before I figured out his concern wasn’t I wanted him for a picture, but that i “wanted” HIM. I guess after he decided I wasn’t gay for him he decided to leave. But only if I would assure him first that I “want woman”.

So then I came in to download my one picture, and lo and behold, I DID get it off before he raised his hand. And since I now can say I know this guy (in the sense of “Yeah, I know THAT guy.”) I am posting it. If only as an illustration of why I like shooting street shots with the 28 so much. I could do a crop almost as detailed as from the 50, but could have stood sideways and shoot from the hip and never been noticed.

But then I wouldn’t have met this dreamboat that, apparently, everyone “wants”! Besides, after seeing the shot, do you really think anyone could resist his charms?

Full size before the crop as well as this crop are posted HERE.

Nov 17 2010

Night Lights

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Some high ISO shots from our deck with the new Summilux posted HERE.

Nov 16 2010

Photo Comparisons of 3 50mm Lenses

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The brand new f/1.4 ASPH, vs the new f/2 vs the old (1962) f/1.4. Posted HERE.

No surprises. Tested on pretty mundane household items. But a clear demo of the fact the the new ASPH sharpness equals or exceeds the new summicron up until the cron is wide open. Ans that it’s bokey is indeed ‘softer” at most stops (compared from f/4 down). And the last head to head between the two f/1.4s shows that the old non ASPH is not only less sharp, but has a bit less “softness” to the bokeh. And considering that it is substantially “softer” in sharpness wide open, then you might think it would be even MORE soft in the blur, but that IS NOT the case. Check them out. noting pretty, but kind of fun.

Just wanted to run these now, as I have to sell off the other two to defray the cost of the new ASPH.

Nov 15 2010

More Daily. No repeat of streaking so far.

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Had an issue with some kind of streak the other day. You can see what I mean in the Daily I posted HERE. Hard to see if you aren’t looking. Bottom 1/4 all the way across the frame.

all the way across the bottom of this one. Battery died moments later. Hope that's all it was. But hey... that's some mean bokeh!

So far I’ve seen no sign of that streaking since, knock wood. I seriously think it was the near dead battery that created it.

Most recent shots posted HERE. Did some Bokeh test, and shot a few of a random family (in a Warbux, of course!)

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