Dec 05 2012

Potato Salad

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Potatoe or potato? Must… get… head… out… of… politics!

So I ran to the little market in the middle of the Harbor Steps steps. The actual steps devide the complex in half North to South. Post Alley quarters it North to south. Our building is SW, and the store is just on the edge of the North West building. Convenient convenient store indeed! As I had not taken any shots at all today, and as I was feeling guilty about it, I grabbed the Monochrom (their spelling) on the way out. Not much to see twixt here and yon. But the small bit there was got a few shots. POSTED HERE.

View from Harbor steps toward waterfront.

Dec 04 2012


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A few shots of the lunch group. A meet up to get together with a HAPPILY retired Planner, so we Schedulers could feel some real envy. POSTED HERE.

Dec 03 2012

Daily (Nightly?) Wet Walk Home

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Just a few shots walking home in the rain. POSTED HERE.

Dec 02 2012

Daily Shots

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A handful from our walk to Anthony’s for lunch, and back home via Pikes Place Market are POSTED HERE.

Dec 01 2012

Christmas Comes Early

Category: Daily DrivelRandall Kelley @ 16:18

But without much color.

Got the call yesterday that it was my turn in the barrel. Glazers had another Monochrom in and I was next on the list. So today I picked up a new camera and a new challenge. For the uninformed, this is a black and while only version of my M9. It’s virtually the same camera, but their is no color layer on the sensor, so no color information is recorded. This makes the camera behave differently in a few ways, all of which I will have to learn to master. Anyway, plenty of info on the interwebs, google it. For now, I just want to say, this is my Christmas, birthday, next years anniversary, and next years Christmas present. In other words, I can’t afford it and it is probably nuts, but I really wanted to pursue the possibilities and challenges it presents. And what the heck, trillion dollar debts are all the rage these days!

My first set from the camera, heavily captioned, are up now. I warn you that the captions are just for the photo nuts and the shots are really just test shots with little thought to any “normal” ideas of what makes a good photograph. However, anyone who wants to see what the files look like, zoom in to the “O” for Original Size” to be amazed at a lot of detail. And a lot of these were very high ISO to see what the noise was like. Only one shot uses any noise reduction, the 10,000 ISO one.

It’s been an interesting day. The picture from the first tests are POSTED HERE.

Same lens, now 5,000 ISO. Notice the creep reflected in her glasses. She needs to remind him! Good one to zoom full size to see 5,000 ISO grain and detail retained at that ISO.

Nov 29 2012

San Diego Film Shots

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Got my files from Richard Photo Lab in LA today. This is the film I shot the week of November 12 through 18th. All these are on The Fuji GF650. I’m not splitting by day, but by film type. There is one set of black and white, all shot on Kodak TriX 400 ISO film. Then one set of color on Kodak Ektar 100 ISO film. Then one set of color on Kodak EV100 Slide film (also 100 ISO) that was cross processed to get weird colors. I won’t be captioning these as the parts of town we shot in were documented earlier when posting Rita’s shots from the M9-P. Still feeling schizophrenic about film, and I’m not sure these will settle the debate in my head. maybe after a few days to let them set then revisit them, I’ll have more definitive conclusions. But for what they are worth, they are now posted.

The Black and White set is POSTED HERE.

The regular color shots are POSTED HERE.

And lastly, the color shots that were done on slide film and then cross processed are POSTED HERE.

Nov 17 2012

A Few from Today

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Just a handful from our walk from the movie theater to the hotel. POSTED HERE.

Our hotel.

Nov 17 2012

USS Midway

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Rita’s shots are up from yesterday, the majority of them being from our afternoon on the decks of the USS Midway. POSTED HERE.

Pretending as if.....

Nov 16 2012

Shots From the Last Couple of Days

Category: Travel,Zeiss CheezeRandall Kelley @ 10:55

All Rita’s, and captioned by her, POSTED HERE.

I love this photo!

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