Nov 28 2013

Cloudy Day in Seattle

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 22:22

A break before getting to my black and white from Denver. Here are a dozen black and whites I shot on the M10 (type 240) in color and converted. POSTED HERE.

Nov 28 2013

Day in Denver

Category: Leica Monkeys,TravelRandall Kelley @ 20:26

Rita’s shots from our outing in Denver last week are finally uploaded. POSTED HERE.

Nov 28 2013

Denver Buildings in Color

Category: Leica Monkeys,TravelRandall Kelley @ 11:47

A small batch of Rita’s color stuff from Denver. These are just buildings. I’ll have a larger set of around town later, if I can ever get them uploaded. I guess the interwebs are slow for Thanksgiving as my uploads kept failing. I’ve got them in the bulletproof uploader now, which is slower, but assures it just won’t quit. So I should have that set up by this afternoon. For now, here are some building shots, POSTED HERE.

Nov 27 2013

Where’s Matt?

Category: Family & Friends,Leica Monkeys,TravelRandall Kelley @ 16:07

No sign of Matt Dillon, but here are the black and white shots from our time in Dodge City. POSTED HERE.

Nov 27 2013

Get Out of Dodge!

Category: Family & Friends,TravelRandall Kelley @ 10:53

Apparently everyone did. At least it seemed rather deserted on the Sunday we were there. We took Dad and Dee to the casino at the edge of town and ran in to shoot while they played a while. After we shot our fill (well, to be honest, had it not been below freezing we might have wanted to shoot some more.) we went back and had a late lunch/early dinner at the casino before driving back to Stafford. I was rather disappointed at Dodge City. Somehow, considering our history and the kind of iconic status it has in Wild West lore, I expected more. Dee assures me that the place they are shoeing a sign for Boot Hill is no such thing. Who knows if there is a real one somewhere else. I had not planned to be here and so I had done no research what so ever. Anyway, not to rag. It is what it is and we visited, so here is a set of color shots from Rita that we hope are interesting. The set is POSTED HERE.

Nov 19 2013

Aim High… No Kidding!

Category: Daily Drivel,Family & FriendsRandall Kelley @ 21:51

We were in Portland this weekend and Sophie has a “tricking” class. She has been taking Karate and was asked to participate in this session which is a class on just kicks (that’s my impression from what was explained to me and what we saw). I took the cameras and shot a batch of photos. This is a fairly large set, more of Sophie than the other kids, but I did want to get some of everyone and some of the instructor and the person who assisted him as well. I hope you all enjoy these, it was a fun thing to watch and it’s a fun bunch of pictures. The set is POSTED HERE.

Nov 15 2013

Roosevelt Area Black and White

Category: Daily DrivelRandall Kelley @ 19:50

My black and white set from our Veteran’s Day excursion up to the area of Roosevelt High School. POSTED HERE.

Nov 13 2013

People, Conversation, Laughter

Category: Family & Friends,TravelRandall Kelley @ 18:42

A set from the reception in Minnesota this summer. This is all but the dancing and kids dancing, so close to the last of the wedding in Minnesota sets. POSTED HERE.

Nov 11 2013

Urban Renewal

Category: PhotographyRandall Kelley @ 18:04

A set from an area near Hugh’s school from a photo excursion Rita had recommended. She spotted the block of condemned houses while driving her bus and thought they’d be great for a black and white set. We drove up after lunch but Rita felt bad she did not have her camera with. As I had both the MM and the M9-P with she shot color on the M9-P. I think the area was at least as interesting in color, so here is her set. POSTED HERE.

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