Dec 23 2010

Absence of Malice

Category: UncategorizedRandall Kelley @ 21:08

So, if anyone noticed that there has been nothing here in a while, it’s just cause I sent the M9 to the doctor for a check up. After several different small quirks kept bugging me, and since they all seemed to be low light issues, my dealer and I decided to just have it checked. Boy do I miss it. Worse, adding insult to injury, I picked up two new (used) lenses to play with at the same time I gave it up to be checked.

This means I’ve been walking around second guessing myself for over a week now. Is it just me> Even if not, is it a distinct enough problem to diagnose? Now I am thinking, “Was it just my ill will toward certain performance issues that are actually inherent in the camera?” Wondering if these are not flaws but “character traits” of the M9. I hope that is not the case, as they are rather distracting.

Starting with the tendency to jump from a low ISO to very high quickly and dramatically. Add in some banding issued in low light shots and a huge color fringing issue on lights in night shots, and it isn’t what I’ve been hearing from other users of the M9. I am still hopeful for a fixable problem to be discovered. I know they have a reputation for some chromatic aberration, but the severity of mine added to the other odd low light behavior leaves me wanting a fix rather than just learning to live with it.

Don’t get me wrong, if they don’t find anything, I won’t be getting rid of it. I WILL be learning to live with it. I miss my camera far more than I ever imagined I would, and I hope when it gets back I can use it with no more malice.

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