Oct 25 2007

Looking for the Big Boss

Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 14:55

The Cowboy holds the elevator for a gentleman who is approaching just a bit later than himself. This alone is abnormal, as normally the Cowboy hates to have his aura crowded in so close with someone else’s. Especially if it is one on one. It strikes him that many different auras seem to blend the way colors of the rainbow make white light. But just two together often blur into a hinkey brown or odd fuchsia.

Something makes him break his pattern this morning and in an instant he has overridden his “aura logic”. As the doors close the Cowboy realizes this person is befuddled, if not lost. The Transcendental Cowboy adds this to the equation in trying to determine the cause of his lapse. “Karma points for helping a lost soul.” he notes.

“I’m looking for The Company.” the wayward man states. Asking, “Is it on the fourth floor?”

The Cowboy tries to pin him down a bit, “Which department?”

The gentleman replies, “I’m looking for Trevor’s office!”

The reply doesn’t really surprise the Cowboy, much, considering the attire of the stranger. So his answer is ready immediately. “Yes. Fourth floor, go to the right.”

As the stranger turns right to head for his meeting with destiny, and the Cowboy turns left to go meet his, he thinks to himself that he feels oddly disappointed. Then he realizes that the disappointment comes from the demeanor of the stranger. The Cowboy notes that he seemed subdued and submissive. “The Big Boss” is the Cowboy’s boss, but only indirectly. He is in fact the boss of his boss’s boss. Or his boss’ boss’ boss.

Everyone just calls “The Big Boss” by his first name, like he’s some loveable mug. This is of course, a ruse. And the hang tail demeanor of the suit on its way to his office is typical for those going to meet with him. The Cowboy prefers the moniker “The Big Boss” as he has noted that when he calls “The Big Boss” by his name, those around him never get the sneer of sarcasm in his inflection. He doesn’t want to fall into the morass of deferential demeanor with the rest of his lot. And so the repeats it to himself, again. “The Big Boss.”

Just as the Cowboy realizes the source of his disappointment, he is suddenly taken over by a brief vision of an alternate reality, where things are more in jibe with the Cowboy’s own personal feelings. In the vision, it is not a solitary stranger he holds the elevator for, but three angry young men with baseball bats.

The Transcendental Cowboy, instantly realizing their intent, calmly directs them off the elevator, “Through the double doors and straight on back to the corner, boys. And give “Trevor” a lick for me!”


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