Nov 14 2007

Oddball Crapgame

Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 17:07

The cards had dealt a two day dry spell to the Cowboy. Loss after loss, failure after failure, he had struggled to find a ray of optimism to no avail. Then by chance, at a meeting with no real potential of it’s own, he transformed his attitude. Standing for a brief moment on the metaphoric soapbox and delivering his rant on righting the wrongs of the universe he suddenly created a charge within himself again.

With energy now flowing in a new direction, he tried his hand once more. Sure enough, a single play landed him on top of the world again. Sitting there, taking in the view, he connected again with the flow. And the Transcendental Cowboy says, “‘Always with the negative waves, Moriarty.’… Oddball was right!”


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