Nov 21 2007

Obligation of Success

Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 13:47

Take a look at our history. Oh, we have history. But our history is on another continent, across a sea, thousands of miles and years away. There are people here with thousands of years of history in this place. But just because we dominate this continent does not mean we are of this place. We are refugees. The conquistadores came and they did, as the name says, conquer. But the conquistadores did not stay, they just stole away with the goods, allowing us to come here and seek refuge.

But travel to those other lands so far from here, and study our own history, and suddenly we realize the childish ways of our existence. We find, in seeing the long line of our ancestors, that we have been liberated by our transplantation. Free from the bonds of experience, we could try anything we wanted. But our experience is behind us. Like looking in a second mirror and discovering our back, we see in far off places the rest of ourselves that we forgot when we crossed those seas.

We thought that we had left our past, and that the leaving had freed us. But we are as free to fail as we are to succeed, and finding ourselves nearing maturity we must learn to make bigger decisions. The world has shrunken in our hands and now the entirety of it will suffer from the mistakes we make. It is time to see this, and start the serious study of our whole history. It is no longer just our few hundreds of years in this place that matter. It is the whole past of all mankind that must set the course.

Time to end the bellowing bullying of the adolescent nation and become the leader needed by this moment in history. If we fail to see, the problems of our age we will be crushed into dust, and we will be replaced by those who do see. The correction of mistakes is not failure, it is an obligation of success.

Texas T.

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