Mar 25 2011

“You may find yourself…”

Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 23:29

behind the wheel of a large automobile.” as indeed the Transcendental Cowboy had. Rush hour in downtown traffic, to boot. And he was actually asking himself, “Well… How did I get here?” but it hit him that he was here, like it or not, and he had to get there, if for no other reason than to not be here. So he cranked up the stereo, and started trying to slow himself down to a state where he no longer cared about the time passing and and places he’d rather be.

He realized after a bit that he was mouthing the songs as he sat there and he suddenly became aware that he could have an audience. At first that made a feeling of discomfort sweep through him, but it was brief. And as he said to himself, “Why should I give a shit? I don’t think I know a single person here.” he realized that this could work both ways.

“If I can BE seen… there are bound to be others to see.” he said as he suddenly noticed the car right in front of him. “How could I have missed it?” the Cowboy muttered, as he watched in amazement.

Two Hawaiian girls dancing in their sky blue Christian Honda Civic Disco-Mobile. Not mouthing lyrics and gently head bobbing, mind you. No. These two were “DANCING. DANCING. Dance the night away.”

So, for the next half hour he rolled at a snails pace “Southbound (and down)” Second Avenue watching the show… and he didn’t once again think about the traffic until he turned left at Jackson while they went straight on.

At that point the Cowboy said, “Damn. I’m going to miss you girls… For the next four blocks, anyway.”

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