Apr 02 2011

We Love You, Kurt Lindsay

Category: Memory LaneRita Kelley @ 11:48

Life moves much too swiftly for most of us.  Suddenly something happens that stops us in our tracks and beckons us to listen to our hearts in a very real way, emotionally and physically.  The passing of a loved one.  Immediately I think of family.  Letting go of someone that is connected to us, that are a part of who we are as a person, whether the family we grow up with, the family we create, maybe through marriage or work or personal interest but we in some way connect with each as an individual and yet are all part of our ‘big’ family.  Kurt was a man I worked with for two years and then worked for, for ten years.  He and Don created Lindsay/Milgate, a photography studio.  Being a part of this studio was being a part of a family.  Photography… I loved but learning about beauty, about how to view an image, about how to share that image in a very personal way was a gift beyond measure.  Also working with each other, we shared numerous conversations, emotions, our dreams our  values our moods.   In one day we’d listen to Frank Zappa and the next minute we’d be listening to Bach.  I can not imagine there is a work environment more relaxed!  Understanding and being around creative energy was exhilarating and a challenge.

After a gathering at a nearby church with Kurt’s brother-in-law presiding, we preceded to the present day Lindsay/Milgate Studio.  These images were taken by Randy (POSTED HERE).  Initially Randy and I hung out looking over the crowd.  I was a bit overwhelmed, nervous, many of these people I had not seen for 15 years.  As I began to move through the crowd, one by one I felt a part of this family again.  Thank you Don for helping me reconnect.  I love you.

Lots of people when we arrived. This was shot from the loft overlooking the studio.

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  1. Deborah Tudor says:

    Very cool shot guys! What a special gathering, I’m sure Kurt was thrilled.