Apr 03 2011

Moscow pictures from 2006

Category: Memory Lane,TravelRandall Kelley @ 18:00

I am looking through old pictures to find some to make replacements for my set that are hanging in Warbux. Ken likes the travel stuff being up there and wants me to do more. I’m going to do a color set, and so I’m looking for good candidates. I realized that other than a few of the small size images posted in the travel blog at the time, and a few odd shots, I have never really posted full sets. As a result I have gone through the first weekend of our Stans trip in 2006 with Sheila and posted a set from that. I will be doing more as I go along. For now anyone interested can see the set POSTED HERE.

For any who want more detail or weren’t following back then the post about the trip for these days can be found by clicking on the “Archive Calendar” page (at the right) then selecting the 2006 link and scrolling to August of that year. Moscow was a post on August 20th and another on the 21st. I hope you enjoy.

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