Dec 29 2008

Death Toll at the Coffee Shop

Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 15:30

Another quick stab in the brain. The recognition.

“There are people who have it worse off than you do.” The Cowboy mutters to himself.

But as his own trivial problems gnaw at him relentlessly, he decides most of them are simply his own creations, planted like seeds to be sown and then harvested when times are lean in the troubles department. Just little niggling distractions to avert attentions from the very real problems in the world that overwhelm and even kill the hapless bystanders and the guilty alike.

“What’s the death toll now?” He asks out loud.

No one responds, as it seemed an inappropriate question to ask when standing on line waiting to order a hot chocolate in the coffee shop. The Transcendental Cowboy thinks to himself, “Oops. Guess I best get back to how bad my boss sucks, before thoughts of catastrophic world events catch me paying attention.”

The Cowboy knows that no one wants that. A populace even just aware, let alone concerned, frightens the be-jebus out of the powers than be. Still he can’t resist…

He nudges the guy in line in front of him and asks, “Seriously, dude… what IS the death toll now?”


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