Jun 23 2011

Introduction to Africa

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OK. So… everyone warned me how things always go wrong in Africa, right? Yet I’m here with Elisa’s family and Richard, Elisa, and Dylan are still trying to get out of the airport in Zurich. Reminds me of the warning I got about taking to motorcycle to Mexico and then I got bad gas in California before I could get there.

Anyway, we are in Yaounde, Cameroon, and have been welcomed as family and entertained, educated, and amused by the most wonderful people you could imagine. I’m going to try and upload a few jpegs here. I will not be doing the real photo work until we get home.

I tried, but I can’t upload photos at all from here. Maybe lqter at another location.

We arrived on Tuesday afternoon to be met at the airport as expected. However, we were shocked to find out we weren’t waiting for Richard and family, as they had hit a roadblock in Zurich. They missed their connection and were trapped until today. We are going to go meet them at the airport in a short while. I was apprehensive at first, I’m not that good with meeting and staying with relatives I know, much less total strangers. However, it took no time for the family to put at ease.

While there have been some adjustments and inconveniences, we could in no way say we have been roughing it. We are staying in a lovely home with a lovely family and learning more each day of their traditions, customs, and habits. While our only outing so far have been the trip from the airport to the “quarter” they reside in, and a walk around that quarter yesterday to see the sights and take pictures, it is probably a good thing. The difference is huge and a slow introduction has really been ideal.

I can tell at his moment that internet is going to be highly limited, and so I expect to actually do more of the writing at home as we go through the photos. I am going to try and limit myself here to just checking in and letting everyone know how it’s going. As we are spending a lot of time visiting with family and not just hunkering down in a hotel, it would be rude to spend too much time hiding out working. Besides, I think we might miss too much that way anyway.

We hope everyone is well. R&R

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  1. Unduly Amplified says:

    I’m so excited for you two and can’t wait to hear more (whether I hear it while you are on your trip or when you are back home). (Also, I want to live vicariously through you, since I am not traveling.)