Jul 02 2011

Buea to Limbe

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On Friday Richard had his last session teaching the kids, and we planned to leave right when he was done. We spent a good deal of time waiting the evening before to arrange a driver to have a car take us directly from our hotel in Buea to our hotel outside Limbe. Finding the driver was easy, but it got tricky because he wanted to take Richard, Elisa, Dylan, Eveline, Rita, and me, plus all our luggage, in a small taxi. They typically put the driver and two people in the front (sharing the passenger seat and the console area between that and the driver, and four in the back seat.SO he didn’t see the problem. Our thinking was that we could do that for a short ride up the hill, but not an hour or so to another town. He said he would find a van and be back at 8:00 PM to show us and confirm it was OK.

Meantime we had asked Al to come over for a farewell dinner and drink, as Friday we would not be able to see him after work. That was a great time, and we really didn’t mind the waiting for the car. But around 9:00 or 9:30 Al had to go work (he was going to pull an all nighter), and then we started getting fidgety. After having the man at the hotel call again we were informed he was on his way from the car park (that’s where all the taxis meet the vans who don’t typically go into the downtown area) which is about a ten minute drive. So After the girls headed up to the rooms Richard and I waited about another 45 minutes or an hour and finally he showed up. By the time it was set. We paid the hotel, and the guy there who had arranged it all went along, along with one other guy. We figured it was the driver, the friend who owns the van and let him use it, and the hotel guy. It all worked in the end, and it sure beat the sardine act in two taxis (out of Buea and from Limbe out to the hotel) plus a shared van with who knows how many people between, including who knows how many stops to pick up and drop off.

The hotel here is OK. It really isn’t quite as nice as the other one (our room anyway, I think the vary a lot from room to room), but this location is fantastic, right on the beach. The only down side so far has been tat it began torrential downpours yesterday afternoon and has been at it off and on ever since. With the tin roofs on everything it sounds very impressive. Plus lots of thunder all night. It really was something for us where people think it “rains in Seattle”. Not really, it drizzles in Seattle, it’s RAINING here!

Today, I’m hoping to get into the water, and it seems that will be one of the best things to do, as it won’t matter if you are getting wet from the rain. I’m hoping it breaks later so we can get another day or so of outdoor excursions, as there is more stuff to see in this area than there was in Buea.

Anyway, I am posting the pictures from Friday HERE.

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  1. Al Banda says:

    Yep, the rains here are THUNDEROUS. I’m glad to hear you reached Limbe safely though. There’s a superstitious belief that the first born of a family has the power to stop the rain. Ask Elisa if she knows anything about that ;-)