Aug 18 2011

“Conservative” Politicians

Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 12:04

The Transcendental Cowboy was enjoying his spicy “pork” at the Korean deli when he noticed that it was, indeed, spicy. Under his breath he tossed out an idea, “I think it would be great if more things WERE what they said they were.”

This was picked up in his mind and kicked a few times, and then the response was thrown at him. “Yes. You know there really are no “conservative” politicians.”

“How’s that?” the Cowboy queried, trying to discern where his brain had come up with this bit of logic.

“Well, it isn’t a very conservative thing to spend millions on getting yourself elected to a low paying job in public office, now is it?”

The Cowboy was perplexed for a brief moment but then saw the fallacy of this position and quickly delivered this query, “What if they expect to make many millions more on the side while they are in office, and even more millions after they are out and no longer need to keep up any pretense of not being on the take?”

His original thought was taken aback, but quickly conceded the point. “Well… I guess there are ONLY conservative politicians.”

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