Aug 19 2011

The Road Back

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As I said, we were slowed down by a flat on our way back from Maroua. Due to my inability to edit the animals in a more conservative fashion, I have chosen to break out the road trip back to town and the flat tire process is in this batch. Other than the flat the trip back was uneventful. It was also WAY closer than I thought, and far less dirty than the previous day. Of course driving it in daylight gave us the chance to really see what we missed the night before.

Crawled past his in the dark the night before when it was fresh.

The flat was a two part deal. First we waited while Bashir changed to the spare. This was complicated by the fact that his rear hatch had become jammed and wouldn’t open at all. He had to get everything out of the back and get to the spare over the rear seat. Then shortly down the road we stopped to have the flat repaired. This was a real treat. I thought the gas fueling experience was interesting, this was totally fascinating. These guys took the flat, found the leak, fixed it, switched tire and set us on our way in about 15 minutes. If they had been in a properly equipped shop they would have been done in moments.

Their equipment was strapped to a tree, and mostly just done with man power. The air filling had to be done by wrapping the valve stem in plastic to get enough grip to get air in as their filler did not match the one on the tire. Rita thought it was dangerous that one of them had no shoes on while working, but I pointed out that he had been wearing shoes, but had taken them off to have a better feel for the tire as he stood on it working on removing it from and reseating it on the rim. It was amazing to watch. And in the end we paid them what amounted to about four dollars.

This IS the

Anyway, here again there are more shots than I should have left in, but I see them more like documentary and wanted to show as many stages of the process as I could. So shoot me. I’m as long winded photographically as I am telling a story. The tire repair shop shots are All POSTED HERE.

And the gallery of all the other pictures from that afternoon are POSTED HERE.

Another stop. Another swarm of curious kids.

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