Nov 24 2009

Same Mistake Twice

Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 12:04

A sight for sore eyes, or rather to makes eyes sore, two ladies have made the same mistake this morning. The Cowboy can only assume they either live in a home free of mirrors, or in one filled with the cast off fun house mirrors of some now defunct carney sideshow.

The first was a sure lock for the part of ending an opera, and the second apparently thought her eating disorder had earned her the right to flaunt the fact that “supermodels” are way too fat.

Yet both these ladies, in separate but equal bad decisions, had chosen a pair of black tights with a sweater pulled down just to the ass, as an accent to it’s shape.

Now, said fashion statement does work. It does call attention to the ass as it is intended. But the instant the Cowboy’s attention arrived there it fled in horror. “Oh my god, what IS that?!” was the exact response he got from his brain.

Of course, he knew full well what it was. He just couldn’t quite believe anyone would want to advertise it like that.

“This is my argument for nudity.” he proffered. “It’s perfectly understandable to me to leave your whole self out on the lawn. That’s your self… But to put a big sign out pointing out just your giant balls, or you bow legs, or your FAT or SKINNY ass… Well that’s just begging the wrong sort of attention.”


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