Oct 09 2010

CUP OF COFFEE (say it loud)

Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 13:01

So this guy walks into Starbucks and he says, “I’d like a bran muffin and a CUP OF COFFEE.”

I’m in line behind him thinking, “OK. I know where this is going.”

Cashier asks, “Would you like the house blend, or the yada yada blend? The yada yada is extra bold.”

He replies, “Just a muffin then. That’s your problem.”

I’m thinking, “No. That’s your problem. You now don’t get the coffee you want because you can’t make a decision. Actually, you don’t get your coffee because you can’t handle the fact that a coffee shop sells more than one kind of coffee, because you could have said, ‘Surprise me.’ and been no worse off than at a store selling one kind of coffee. Or you could have said, ‘I don’t know what either taste like, can I try a sample before I decide?’ where upon she would have given you a sample, you would have learned something (and gotten two free sample size cups of coffee) gotten a smile and a nice interaction from the cashier, and it would have made no one uncomfortable.”

But then, not smiling and making other people not smile was really the point of the whole interaction, wasn’t it?


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