Oct 06 2012

Film from L.A. and Santa Monica

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Finally. Had these in for a while, but with the moving and the working… well… they are ready now, so here you go. I have divided them into three sets, two black and whites and one color set. There are several types of films used as I am still experimenting with the whole film thing. Don’t expect a consistent “look” is what I’m saying. As a matter of fact, I was really going more for variety.

The first set is B&W of downtown LA, and Hollywood. Some on TriX 400 and some on super grainy high ISO film. Details in the captions, but you will see which is which. POSTED HERE.

I only walked about a half mile but I passed about 400 of these smoke shops.

The next is B&W from Santa Monica, Same deal, some TriX 400 and some other grainy Tmax 3200 and Delta 3200 film. POSTED HERE.

I refrained as I was afraid he's make me a boy again. (That's me and the M6 in the reflection.)

And lastly, the color film shots. All a bit on the grainy side, Porta 800, Fuji Pro 400, and Ektar 100 (which shouldn’t be grainy, but I shot it at 400 and pushed the developing 2 stops). In here is a shot of the people who were filming for some ABS TV show, so if anyone knows what show, give me a heads up. I sure don’t know. I thought it was a training exercise. If I saw it in Seattle with a heard of FBI in one spot, that’s what I’d expect. The set is POSTED HERE.

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