Dec 18 2012

21st and Elmore

Category: Daily DrivelRandall Kelley @ 18:59

Had to leave work early for the dentist. I took the camera, figuring maybe I’d get a shot or two at the Fisherman’s Terminal docks by the office. Didn’t shoot much ’cause it was cold as a witch’s tit, or to translate, as cold as the average woman’s tits in a Minnesota blizzard. Wanted to experiment a bit with an exposure theory while I was at it. The Monochrom (their spelling) tends to easily blow highlights, and I found that at night when I wanted the highlights I had to shoot much faster and get very black shadows to get the highlights I was after. If (as usual) I was already at 3200 or 5000 ISO, the extra digital noise induced by upping the exposure and shadow light in Lightroom when processing tended to make those shots really noisy. So I developed the theory that for those situation I could actually shoot at a much lower ISO, expose for the highlights, then push the crap out of it in post processing. The pushing induces a buttload of noise, but as the low ISO files start SO freaking clean, the result should be much closer to a properly exposed 3200 or 5000 ISO shot, but have far more highlight detail in it. Was it successful? Actually, while I need to fine tune both my exposure setting and the post processing setting, very close to what I had theorized. Needless to say, I’m a happy camper, frozen brass or not! Results POSTED HERE.

I encourage zooming to

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