Jan 13 2013

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Category: Daily Drivel,Sony Baloney,Zeiss CheezeRandall Kelley @ 16:55

Tri-Elmar, and Tri-Elmar again.

Went for breakfast to Chinook’s at the Fisherman’s Terminal. Took the cameras and went shooting afterward. Rita with the M9-P and the Medium Angle Tri-Elmar, me with the Monochrom, shooting a few on my 50mm but mostly on the Zeiss 21mm. I also used the Sony RX1 a bit, not really in a color mood, but just to familiarize myself more with it’s handling, as it will be my “color backup” for a while. I’m putting up two galleries, all the color are mixed (thought the VAST majority are Rita’s Leica shots), and the black and white are separated out. Neither gallery is huge, but if you are not a boat fan, I wouldn’t bother.

A few more words on the Tri Elmar, wow, wow, WOW. Am I glad, glad, GLAD this baby didn’t sell. The color from this thing blows me away. I did so little adjustment on these, and honestly, most of them would have been fine straight out of camera. The 50mm and 35mm settings are great. The weakness in the 28mm is real, but it is just for far away landscape type shots. Used on close up objects it is really quite good as well. Makes me really happy to be able to give Rita a bit of her “zoom days” flexibility back, but have it be Leica prime quality. And I can’t overstate the beauty of the color rendering from this thing.

So the galleries are up for those willing to look at boats and boat bits for a while. The color set is POSTED HERE.

And the black and white set, and it’s a dandy, is POSTED HERE. (And did I mention it was cold as @#*$ explicative deleted)???

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