Dec 13 2005


Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 18:44

Such little problems, all boiled over and messy, sent splashing
onto every available surface. Seems that one rude person can
make someone explode with all their woes like a lid placed on
an already boiling pot.

Common courtesy is all too uncommon on this particular
plane of existence. And it seems that doing your job just
doesn’t include doing it politely anymore for most of these
troubled inhabitants. And that’s when being paid! How do
they treat others when they are on their own dime? No one
is anyone’s brother anymore, and most wouldn’t consider
giving a stranger the same consideration they would a
second cousin.

The Transcendental Cowboy jumps back three feet to side
step the Grim Reaper. The driver of the car making it’s
right on red glares at him for existing. So the Transcendental
Cowboy asks, “And a fish on your bumper means WHAT?”

My Christian ass. Apparently that little fish is a rudefish!


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