Dec 21 2005

Shadows and Reflections

Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 15:48

What is it about photographs and reflections?
Anything reflected seems to attract his attention.
Even more so than the object itself.
Even if the object is in the photograph.
Even if the object is him.

Especially if the object is him.

A mirror? A window? Somebody’s sunglasses?
A lake, or a puddle on a seat?
The vacancy of someone’s eyes?

And are shadows quite the same?

The reflection seems to emphasize the absence.
It holds the emptiness and the loss.
The reflection shows the untouched.

The shadow, on the other hand,
taunts with it’s attachment,
yet it eludes his grasp.

How does a two dimensional image capture feelings?
It seems to the Transcendental Cowboy that the emotions
are held captive there…
in the shadows and reflections.

Or, the way he puts it…
“Maybe those natives were right to worry about their souls.”


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