Dec 24 2005

La Iglesia de San Acacio

Category: The Transcendental CowboyRandall Kelley @ 17:45

The bright red door,
like you might actually expect on a tavern,
stands just below the sign reading

This is the only apparent opening in the windowless
walls of the old building that looks close to it’s demise.

The adobe walls are a pale pinkish brown.
They wear their aged cracks proudly,
and the bits of straw peek out of the surface
begging for more wind and sun to set them free,
like so many of their fellows that have gone before.

Bits of stone decorate the cracks,
either inserted by some unknown attendant
or else in their own valiant effort to free themselves
from the ancient weathered adobe bricks.

But the thing that catches the Transcendental Cowboy’s
eye is the tiny statue of Jesus. It seems Jesus has
abandoned his cross to fly across the face of the
sign sideways… right in front of the “DE”

Maybe Christ just got tired after all these years of hanging
on his cross and needed a break to just lie there for a while.
But of course, two thousand plus years in that position…
it would be hard to move your arms into any other position.

He appears inserted into the line of text as if he were some sort
of punctuation, or perhaps a pre computer version of an emoticon.

This Leads the Cowboy to wonder aloud,
“Does that make it read
‘The Church Flying Jesus Christ of San Acacio’
or is it meant to read
‘The Church of Jesus Flying Christ, San Acacio’?



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