Apr 19 2013

Miner’s Landing and Window Shopping (in reverse)

Category: UncategorizedRandall Kelley @ 22:29

Two sets to post today. I went to to do some test on the 1936 28mm lens as it was not raining after I got home. Unfortunately it started up again as soon as I got outside. Because of that I did not shoot as many test shots as I had intended, but I ended up shooting more fun ones instead. The two set are the Miner’s Landing set, which has a few outdoor shots then the results of my excursion into the Miner’s Landing arcade area. That one is POSTED HERE.

Decided to get my butt indoors. 1250 ISO

The second set is all from the window inside Warbux where I went to have a treat after I was done. I had set the camera down on the bar the faces the window while I consumed my favorite treat, a grande vanilla bean frapachino with two scoops protein and four scoops vanilla bean (no whip). I clicked a frame and then had an idea. I turned the ISO back up to get the speed up enough to catch the action. Then I prefocused for the sidewalk, and sat with my thumb on the shutter and clicked away as I sipped away. Reverse window shopping. I think in a more interesting place this could be a very interesting technique. As this was just the everyday stream of passers by on the waterfront, they really aren’t spectacular. But I played the caption contest, and you should, too. As an exercise I found it interesting so the results are POSTED HERE.

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