May 09 2013

Look Up

Category: UncategorizedRandall Kelley @ 18:20

Two sets posted today. A very small set from my walk to work in the AM and from my PM walk to the drug store, and then a larger set (though not that large) of fog shots. Mostly looking at the tops of buildings shrouded in the fog that lasted until mid afternoon. I separated the small set from the others as they just didn’t fit with the fog shots. All are shot with the late 40s early 50s 85mm Canon lens. I wont urge you to zoom on the first of the morning stuff in the fog set as apparently I had a problem with it not focusing at infinity when wide open. I’m not 100 percent sure why yet, but at small size they are fine for viewing. It was the mood of the fog I was after, and they are fine for that. So here they are. First up, the smaller non fog related set, POSTED HERE.

And the fog stuff in it’s own set is POSTED HERE.


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