May 12 2013

Canon Serenar 85mm f/2, Circa 1948

Category: UncategorizedRandall Kelley @ 23:24

For my family, there will be a set of shots from this weekend in Portland by tomorrow night. For any photo phreaks out there, this is a small set, and it is in response to the discussion going on on the Monochorm (Leica’s spelling) User’s Group on Facebook right now. There are color shots in here, as some comments have noted (as have I in the past) that the color rendering on older glass is unique and compares more than favorably to modern glass in this respect.

I only ended up getting a a small window for shooting B&W at normal ISO this weekend, so the B&W shots are almost all high ISO. I have to say, chimping on the back of the MM I was thinking I was totally blowing focus. However, after tonight’s viewing, I see that most of that was the high ISO. When I post the larger group tomorrow, there is a fair amount of motion blur from slow exposure. However, at web size they look great, and there are some great shots of my grandkids, so they are not shots I’d reject. However, for someone wanting to see what this lens can do and looks like, they are weaker than this set by a long shot.

For tonight, these are up for an idea of what this lens will do. For family wanting more of the kids, these will probably be repeated in the full set tomorrow, so don’t feel you have to view these now. The small preview of our weekend shot on the 85mm is POSTED HERE.

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