Dec 05 2013

Early Morning Lights

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 16:57

Rita met me at work for a walk home the other day, and on the way she referred to the Christmas lights on the plaza on Occidental Ave between Jackson St and Main St, a two block stretch with a nice group of trees that are wrapped in lights for the Christmas season. Her comment was to the effect that we should come down sometime in the evening and photograph them. She typically would be coming through there in the evening, so I knew what she meant, as I have noticed them on my way to work in the morning as well. I thought I’d take the opportunity this morning to shoot a few shots on the way in to work.

I got my camera out just a couple of blocks South of our apartment and stopped in a few spots on the way to take pictures of the lights on the way. As I walked up to the two block stretch she had talked about, I was all ready to go. The light was just starting to hit the Smith Tower enough that I had a shot from Main in mind looking North at Smith Tower in the background and the trees lit with Christmas lights (oops, should I be saying holiday lights?) in the foreground. I planned to step to the middle of the trees and shoot a few from the North (where I approach from) before walking to the South end for the shot I had in my mind. Well, don’t you know it, the light sensor, or timer (or whatever controls these things) tripped and just as I went to bring my camera up for my first shot! OUT GO THE LIGHTS!

Oh well… I’m sure there’s some saying about mice and men or something that covers this, and hopefully I’ll time it right another day. Until then, here are the other early morning light shots I did get done today. The (small) set is POSTED HERE.

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