Nov 16 2008

MC Ride Around the Big Island

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First, ignore the post times. They are Seattle time, and if I don’t finish quick this will say Monday, but it’s for Sunday. We’ll see.

We left at 7 Am to try and get around and see as much as we could in the daylight. It was just dawning here when we left. I’m sure it was light on the East side already, but that didn’t help us. Our first stop was breakfast a bit before we turned onto the South Point Road to get to the Southernmost location in the U S of A. Here I pulled into the “parking lot” after Rita hopped off. The area was gravel, just past the end of pavement, and the entrance was dipped and rutted. However, I managed not to dump this heavy beast. That alone made me happy. Next came the views, and that was really great.


Me at the edge of Hawaii, farthest South available by road. You might have hiked a hundred yards further were you adventurous and had you more time available.


Here is Henry, a very nice cancer survivor who regaled us with a brief history of this spot.


And Rita shot this as I pulled out of the parking area onto the road back out.


Did I mention the road to South Point sucked just a wee bit?


Next stop, the Randy versus the Volcano.


This was a quick stop today. We will try to make it to the lava flows on our trip over to Hilo in a couple of days. Next we had a Warbucks break in Hilo and then headed up the East coast. It is the wet side of the island, as we witnesses in the lush valleys and waterfalls. But by some miracle we made it all the way around today with only three rain drops hitting us.


Next we stopped at a seaside memorial park for victims of a past “tidal wave” or tsunami as they are known today. Twenty school kids and four teachers were killed here in 1946. Today we watched kids catch fish.


And enjoyed a few minute out of the saddle.


We saw lots of livestock today. Lots of agriculture in general. But Rita was most impressed with the cows and their big horns. She said Delmer would love seeing all these guys.


Then we got back across to the West side on the North end of the island. Very dry up there, as witnessed by these large cacti.


We could see down to the coast just North of Kona from about 4000 feet up on this section.


I have to say it was pretty windy up on the North end. Glad it wasn’t that way all day as my neck can sure feel it. Here is how it feels.


And apparently, the younger folks feel the same.


On our way to a viewpoint on the East side of the very North end we got to say hi to King Kamehameha (Be-otch!) Couldn’t help thinking of Cartman singing about Kyle’s mom.


Coming up to the viewpoint.


Are we there yet?


And very lush looking up valley from the viewpoint.


Then at about 5:43 PM, around 30 miles out from home, this happened (Joey, note the time!).


We did get in just after dark, and stopped at the same place that we liked so much last night. And we got the added bonus of Hula lessons for live entertainment!





That’s it for now. I’ll get to sleep as soon as I stop vibrating. Teasing, Harly fans, it wasn’t too bad. 320 something miles and 12 hours later, fed and happy and unharmed. We return the bike bright and early tomorrow, and hope to make it up the mountain in the Jeep if the weather holds up.

Hope you enjoyed, R&R

I’m loading these on Flickr as well so they can be mapped at

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