Oct 30 2014

How About a Film Fail?

Category: Canon Fodder,Daily Drivel,Family & Friends,PhotographyRandall Kelley @ 19:16

Took a test roll on Tri-X black and white film using a “new” Canon IVsb (that’s probably a bit older than I am)

It’s harder to determine an exact date for Canon cameras than it is for Leica. With Leica, the serial number alone will get you to the year of production at least. With Canon it takes some checking and some of it has to be guess work. That’s the reason I refer to my 85mm Canon Serenar F/2 lens as “late 40s”. I know it was produced between 1948 and 1951. In the case of this camera I can get pretty close because of some changes to features that identify different iterations of the IV.

First, it has a top shutter speed of 1000, making it a III or IV. Next it has a flash rail on the rewind end, making it an IV for sure. After than we can determine that its earliest date would be December of 1952, because it has an “x” setting for flash synchronization, a feature that made its debut for Canon at that time. That feature establishes the “sb” in the name and the start date. They then upgraded to an “sb2” in March 1954 that had a slower 1/15th shutter speed setting than mine, meaning the latest it could have been made was around my birthday in Feb of 1954. Technically, they kept producing them for about another year, but since the new model was out at that time, I’m using that to end date it. So essentially, I know it was made from around the time my brother was born in 1952 and when I was born in 1954 (and maybe just a bit later), making it safe to say that it is “Probably a bit older than I am.”

Unfortunately, especially since I loved the handling of the camera, there appears to be pinhole light leaks in the shutter. You can see a series of white dots in the image. But, I still did get some stuff I like on the roll. So I’m Posting a set light leaks and all. The set is POSTED HERE.

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