Nov 13 2014

1950 Leitz 50mm f/2 Summitar on the Monochrom

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica MonkeysRandall Kelley @ 20:29

I got the old screw mount lens with the new old film camera, but ran a few shots through it today to see what it would look like on the Monochrom (Their spelling). I had shot a few last weekend on the MM and Rita’s M 240, but I had inadvertently put it on with the wrong adapter and so couldn’t be sure what missed focus was the lens and what was the bad adapter. Apparently it was all adapter, as I hit the spot I aimed for just fine today with the good adapter. This is just a small set from the testing today. By the way, the one on the Link light rail in the tunnel is at 2500 ISO, field focused, and shot from my lap… just to see if I could (and the lens could) do it. The set is POSTED HERE.

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