Feb 07 2015

Exit Kansas. Stage Right.

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The Transcendental Cowboy headed out of Wichita about midday, after waiting around for the onion rings that the sitter had promised him were worth it (they were). His initial plans of revisiting the past where overwhelmed by his desire to exit Kansas, stage right, ASAP. Thinking himself immune to the feelings that most anyone else would have expected, he climbed back into the rented Impala and hit the fastest road he could find out of town.

About three hours down the road, he was overtaken by loss. Not so much the personal loss of ancestors making their painful exit, as the loss of the father he should have had. Like friends not made, or brothers not known, this was as close as he got to connecting with the loss that others feel directly. People who miss their fathers, brothers and friends, have a different experience. Direct and intense. The Transcendental Cowboy thought to himself, “If I can just get out of Kansas with my head on straight… I am sure I will be OK.” And as he rolled along at just under eighty (just over the speed limit), he distracted himself with roadside attractions and intermittent radio babble.

A story from a DJ of a late night non-car jacking that turned him into a soccer mom at three AM.
Weather people amazed at the mid winter eighty degree day.
Bad (and occasionally good) country music.
And of course his own observations:

“‘WaKeeney, it’s affordable!’ has to be the weakest claim to fame since ‘Oklahoma is OK’”.

“I’m stuck out in Kansas, where they sell their religion on billboards by the road.”

“Oh. It’s a little cow!
No. No!…
Coyote, mother fucker!…
I’m in fucking Kansas!”

He made it into Colby in time to make his bid on the past, and won.

He made his plans for the following day.

And finally he finished the bottle he bought to get himself through the week in Kansas, because the week in Kansas was was done.

The Transcendental Cowboy counted his blessings, like sheep, as he tried to go to sleep.

“One wife.
Two daughters.
Three grandkids.
Four grandkids.
Five grandkids.
Six grandkids.”

And as he finally started to drop off, he thought to himself,
“Sleep or not… offspring give us a second chance.”

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