Nov 18 2008

Hilo, Pahoa, and Melting Rocks

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We checked out this morning, loaded the Jeep, and drove to Hilo. It started pouring rain right after we passed the Volcano Park entrance, and by the time we hit Hilo I was both discouraged and tickled. Tickled this was not the day we rented the motorcycle for the ride over here. And discouraged, as I felt the lava flows were likely out.

We were too early to check in (not until 3 PM!) so we stopped at the same Warbucks we had found on the bike trip two days ago. Just getting from the car to the store we got soaked. When we came back to find the Jeep top was about 10 inches lower as it was filled up like a child’s pool. I pushed it up and dumped about 20 gallons of water off the top. The good news was the staff at Warbucks encouraged us to go to the lava flows anyway, as it is usually dryer down there, and not so far I would have trouble walking in.

We drove down there to kill time until we could check in, and to scope it out. It was indeed nicer down there.



So we came back to Hilo and checked into our hotel. It is near the docks where the cruise ships tie up, and we spotted one as we drove in. And then we got to the room. Check out the view from our balcony.



I placed a phone call to my uncle Miah Kelley, as I found out he lived near here. However, though we had a nice conversation, he wasn’t up to meeting anyone. So we headed back down to the lava flows with our luggage stashed in the room, and carrying just what we needed (and a wet bag in case of more rains).

Turned out to be great weather. The view was not from close enough to see much lava. Lots of steam, a lot or red glow from the lava, but only brief glimpses of splashing lava. Still pretty awesome to see.





Just after dark we walked back to the Jeep and left, and it started to rain again. We were getting to the starved point so we pulled into the village of Pahoa and found a restaurant. We got lucky as it was not too crowded, and a really excellent dining experience. Sheer luck, I guess. Or good “Food Karma”.

Then back here to the hotel. We are all packed for the airport tomorrow night. We will stay here until they kick us out at noon (shouldn’t we only have to pay 21/24th of the bill if we can’t check in until 3 PM and have to leave by Noon?).

Then we will go back up the coast like we did on the bike, but we will have more time and will try to check out some of the waterfalls along the way. We leave late and get back to Seattle early Thursday morning. Fortunately we still have through the weekend off work and will try to recover from the pace b y then.

Peace and Love, R&R

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