Oct 10 2015

Some Film from Memphis

I have my actual negatives in hand from the memphis stuff, but I don’t have time to pick my favorites and do more detailed scans yet. For now I am posting some sets from the scans from the lab, they are pretty decent scans anyway. A portion of these were posted at lower resolution on Facebook, but I have done more development work (home computer makes it much easier to get into really detailed processing than the laptop when traveling). The first of two sets is all of the apartment we stayed in while in Memphis. That set is POSTED HERE.

The second set is from the Leon Russel Concert and has some of the opening act the Grahams and some of Leon Russel and his band. There would be more of Leon Russel, but I was asked by the floor manager to stop using anything other than an iPhone. Strange to me, as iPhone shots would certainly be more accurate than high speed black and white film shots. Maybe they just don’t like art? Who knows. At least I got a few good ones in before they shut me down. The concert set is POSTED HERE.

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