Oct 11 2015

Memphis at Night in Black and White

I have a set of black and white shots from Memphis, all but a few taken at night, ready to go now. While developing the black and white film I also discoverd I had some of Elvis’s cars from the day at Graceland in my film sets, and when checking to see the date on those I discovered something strange. I have NOT done our Graceland set. I guess my meltdown there (from lack of liquid and heat) put a block in my brain. Anyway, I will get to those soon, so this is not the last of the Memphis stuff. But this is the last of the film stuff from Memphis. The first few are from a daytime visit to Beale Street and a visit to A Schwab, an historic department store, one from the entry to the Gibson Factory (before we had to stop because they did not allow photos on the tour) and a couple of shots of bridges taken on the riverboat tour. The remainder are all night stuff on push processed TriX film. My Black and White Memphis shots are POSTED HERE.

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