Nov 19 2008

Last Day. Rainbows and Waterfalls and Cliffs, Oh My!

Category: TravelRandall Kelley @ 19:18

The view from our hotel was quite spectacular this AM. I’m guessing rainbows are a dime a dozen here, but they still seem pretty to us.


We ran around Hilo a bit, but there just isn’t much there. So we headed off for the day. We did see a sign for a waterfall park that was right in Hilo so we went there first. Aptly named Rainbow Falls.


The next stop was Akaka Falls. Actually, a deli first and then the falls. There were actually two waterfalls in this park. Akaka and Kahuna. Kahuna seemed bigger to me, and I wondered if this was where “the Big Kahuna” came from.


Then we headed for the Waipio Valley. The waitress last night said not to miss it. You need a four wheel drive (which we happened to have). They don’t even let all wheel drives go. You have to have real four wheel drive with Low range. We did not get all the way to the beach, as one of the puddles was big enough to be questionable, and we didn’t want to walk in as we would have muddied and wet our feet before having to fly out tonight. But the drive down was spectacular, and the valley was really what you think of when you imagine the real jungles of the tropics. Here is some of the easiest and least steep stretch of the road.


Then, back at the top we got a view of the cliffs from the lookout point.


There was a nice couple there making hand crafts, baskets and flutes. The woman made the baskets and the man made (and played beautifully) the flutes. The woman was nice enough to get a picture of us with the flute maker. His flutes are all over the world. The guestbook had people from where we lived in Albany, Oregon and from Woodinville, Washington on the page before us.



Then we drove on up to Waimea for a break. Again a recommendation of the waitress. Looks like a good place to have dinner before we head down to the Airport. It is also the town where the scientist from the Keck Observatory do their work. (no altitude to deal with, and the computers don’t have to be on the mountain to see what the telescope sees).

We spotted the Warbucks here and decided to get off today’s post while we could, as we fly out tonight and will be bleary eyed tomorrow. We are looking forward to being home, but we could not have had a better time over here. See some of you soon. And keep watching, we haven’t even looked at all of our pictures yet, so we will have some more to post. R&R

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