Jan 22 2016

Agfa Isolette III Camera Test

Category: Daily Drivel,The Undead (Film Is Not Dead)Randall Kelley @ 15:36

I have a small set of shots taken on an early 1950s folding 120 film camera. I bought this camera at an antique mall in Ohio this fall and finally got around to testing it. I picked this one up because it’s a fraternal twin to the camera my dad gave me that I learned photography on. I still have that camera (I included a picture of these cameras in the set). It’s shutter had jammed and the bellows were bad, along with the rangefinder mechanism being jammed up. The “new” twin I bought has the same problem with the rangefinder, but the shutter and bellows seemed OK so I decided to try it. The roll of film I ran through it was Ektar color film, thought I shot it at 200 ISO as I was under the impression I had pulled out a roll of TriX black and white. Needless to say when I saw the color of the files I was surprised. But pleasantly, as apparently shooting Ektar at 200 gave me fantastic colors. I will be trying that experiment again soon. The results of the camera test weren’t optimal. The bellows must have a slight leak as there is a flaw in some of the shots, but the lens and shutter performed well. I will have to decide if repairs are in order, to not, as they are not rare and the price was really low, so unless I really want to get one in perfect working order, I have no real need to repair it. The set was all shot on the Tacoma waterfront, and it’s POSTED HERE.

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