Jan 22 2016

Kodak Retina IIIs Test

Category: Daily Drivel,The Undead (Film Is Not Dead)Randall Kelley @ 15:58

This is a set from a mid 1950s Kodak 35mm rangefinder I bought at an antique show in Puyallup late last year. I shot a roll of Ilford XP2 Super black and white film down by the glass museum on the waterfront in Tacoma. There are shots through 3 different lenses in here. The standard 50mm, a 35mm wide angle, and a 135mm telephoto lens. Everything seemed OK, but I think there were some issues with rangefinder alignment on the longer lens. I will have to run a more controlled test to be sure. This was just a quick 30 minutes running film through to see if it operated. Now that I know it works, the glass is good, it will be worth seeing if the other issues are solvable. By the way, the light was great when I shot these rolls. I shot this roll, the color set from the Isolate that I just posted, and one more from another Kadak camera (that’s coming in a bit) all in just about an hour when there was a brief spell of really nice light. The set from the Retina IIIs is POSTED HERE.

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