Apr 19 2016

Bike Lame Ahead! (Two Walkie Sets)

Category: Daily Drivel,Leica Monkeys,The Undead (Film Is Not Dead)Randall Kelley @ 12:39

Finished editing the test set of Ilford HP5 black and white film, about half of which was shot on a walk with Rita back on April 2nd. Still not 100% sure on editing of this film yet but I am liking the results. It will definitely be one option for replacing the XP2 Super that takes color film processing. I am also posting the set of Rita’s that I put up on Facebook at the time, as the FB stuff is smaller scale, and almost impossible to refer back to (due to typical FB suckyness). My black and white film set is POSTED HERE.

The higher resolution set of Rita’s M240 shots from that day are POSTED HERE.

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