Jul 11 2016

Victoria B.C.

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We came to Victoria for a week of R&R. Well, that’s the plan now. Originally I had a workshop on intaglio printing of photographic plates scheduled, but that fell through (to be made up later by personal training). Since everything up here was already booked, we decided a break was good, too. We have several friends up here that we met through photography workshops, so we will also get some visiting in.

We arrived Saturday on the Victoria clipper, a high speed hydroplane ferry (coincidentally, they originated in Norway and one of the first ones in the world went into operation when I lived in Stavanger, Norway). We got settled in a bit on Sunday, walking a ways to a real grocery store for supplies, as we are in a nice studio apartment right by the water at the edge of old town and Chinatown. It’s the oldest Chinatown in North America, they claim. It’s also one of the smallest. If you go through the photo set, the first three shots are Rita’s from the rooftop deck of the building. We are only on the second floor, so no view, but it is nice on the roof, which we can also use.

Sunday was mostly occupied with our preparations, but in the later afternoon we went out to scout the old bridge near our place as I hope to use it in the project I chose to do for the black and white film photography class I am taking. Last week I shot a couple of rolls of the bridge at Deception Pass. This week I am doing the same up here, then I plan to hit several bridges in Oregon that I have loved for years.

These will be kind of redundant, as both Rita and I were shooting and we were just shooting the bridge and some of the area right around it. But there are some nice shots in there. Internet is sucking a bit here, so I probably won’t be posting more from this trip until we are back. I will just put up a few on Facebook, and wait until after the trip sometime to develop full sets.

In the meantime, the set of the bridge are POSTED HERE.

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